Something Audio and interruptions Which are part of the investigation by state agencies Gustavo PetroThis Sunday, May 8, 2022, details in the Colombian newspaper Time.

In this regard, warnings have been issued about the possibility of electoral restrictions Candidate for the historic contract, Gustavo PetroBy Wilmer Antonio Giraldo, aka SiopasOne of the strongest heirs Capo ‘Otoniel’, Clan del Golfo.

Information of this alleged pressure comes in the middle of the race for the presidency of the Republic, the first round of which will be on May 29.

In the midst of the investigation, there are some obstacles that have been raised with Sao Paulo’s mother, Sapphire de Jesus Quiroz, where she has talked to her other son, Leader Humberto Giraldo Quiroz, and a daughter, Uris Yaneth Quiroz. An unknown woman.

Audio and conversation

In these audios, the mother of ‘Siopas’ has confirmed that the reason for sending her son You have to vote Gustavo Petro asked them to unite and be able to register their credentials and vote for the president.

In a conversation with Leider Humberto Giraldo, Siopas’ mother told him that her brother had sent her to “vote for Petro” as necessary and “a deadline (until tomorrow) to register an identity card.”

The remarks reminded state agencies that the talks could have taken place before March 29, when the deadline to register their documents was closed.

In the same audio, the brother of ‘Siopas’ asks his mother if he has brought the message “We must vote”, to which he replies that “Otoniel’s heir” sent a boy here to show me the reason “.

“I don’t even have the money to go out,” said the brother of ‘Siopas’, whose mother replied that “you have to go to Turbo to register your ID.”

In another audio, Clan Dale Golfer’s mother of the powerful man talks to her daughter Urs Ianeth Quiros, So that he asks if he ever voted. “Nothing,” replied the sister of ‘Siopas’, whose mother repeated the message that we must vote for the candidate of the historic agreement.

And in a conversation with an unknown woman, the mother of ‘Siopas’ confirmed that she had sent her son Petro the reason for voting “because it is convenient for him”.

Potential extension of the alleged limitations in Antioquia and Chocó

The inquiries sought to establish whether this potential electoral restriction could be extended to the family members of the potential heirs of ‘Otoniel’ and whether it could be extended to its residents. Municipalities of Antioquia and Chocó‘Siopas’ operation area.

Moreover, at a time when there are indications that this class of illegal armed groups may carry out attacks, which is a propaganda Armed strikes in recent days in response to the extradition of aka Ottoniel.

What state agencies are investigating is that there is no evidence from the Clan del Golfo of possible restrictions on the voters of this powerful man, the date of any connection between ‘Seopas’ and Petro’s campaign or members of the historic agreement.

Investigations indicate that voters may be related to this potential limitation One of the proposals of the presidential candidate And it has been submitted to its official program, which is related to the dialogue to submit to the trial of such criminal organizations.


In the document, Petro proposed “judicial submission” and “the destruction of multi-crime groups, paramilitary successors and mostly drug traffickers, peacefully and effectively,” as will be the case with Clan del Golfo.

Proposals included “Judicial negotiations and submissions To bring them to justice on the basis of disposing of their illegal activities, dismantling their activities, transparent implementation of government policy for attaining truth and compensation and guaranteeing the rights of the people as a whole.

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, Polo Evan Sepedar Senator, One of Petro’s promoters, released a tweet in which he said: “The end of the Gulf dynasty, as we have seen, will not come from extradition and more useless wars. Submission to justice requires a deactivation process as part of the dialogue. This is how Petro and the French government proposed the Total Peace Policy. “

This message was retweeted by the presidential candidate of the historic agreement The proposal, which is of a political nature, has sparked controversy in some sectors, suggesting other ways to defeat these illegal armed groups.

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