Spanish police are investigating the alleged rape and sexual abuse of two 12-year-old girls. Photo: File / EL Commerce

Its agent National Police From Spain An accused investigation Gang rape And a course Sexual abuse Last Monday, May 16 to two minors in Valencia.

The incident, which happened a Abandoned house The bourgeoisie, a municipality in Spain, happened after meeting 12-year-old girls Several men That they were seen through social networks Instagram.

According to the country’s media Levante-EMV, two Teenager They would leave their respective municipalities at the meeting point and once at home Abandoned, one The accused assailant Trying to keep up Sexual intercourse With one of them. He would force her to face the girl’s denial Violent way.

At that time four more people came to the spot Subdued One to another child Gang rape. Although a girl was able to escape her attackers and alert her other friends, it was not enough to find her. Accused rapistThis.

A relentless search

I agree with you Police reportThe girl got the couple’s friend Call From Help Via a message on the same social network. Immediately, he informed Parents Among those involved, who, in turn, Communication With The police.

After hours of searching, it was not possible to find any of the children, because the person who gave the notice did not know at what time. Municipality He was, he just confirmed that he had seen one Station Subway and its Abandoned house From where he was able to escape.

At 11 o’clock at night, The police Recognized that one girl was already at home and the other was approaching her Home. However, no man could be involved with it Found Extensive investigations, which included three officers Municipality Round

Even when one of the minors first told her parents it was a joke, they decided to take her home. The hospitalSo that they attest to the presence of a signal consistent with a Sexual harassment.

For now, National Police From Spain Together Unit From Attention Per Family Still Women They were able to locate the abandoned house where the incident took place. In addition, both companies have enabled established channels so that the younger ones get the necessary support e.g. The victim Of a Sexual offense.

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