The Vaccine Against him Covid-19 The last week of March 2022 continues in the country. Ministry of Public Health at the national level (MSP) There is more than that 1,000 points To run the process.

A. Metropolitan District of Quito Is activated 34 spaces. Nine of them are in the north, 10 in the center and south, and six in the valley. Attention is paid from 08:00 to 16:00, except for shopping centers where it starts at 10:00

In Health Zone EightWhich includes Canton Guayaquil, Duran And Sambrondon There are 72 health centers and 26 mass immunization centers.

This Link You can find out about all approved vaccination centers across the country.

First, second and booster doses

Note that the first and second vaccinations are given at these centers Population People from the age of three are given two doses of the Chinese vaccine Synovac At intervals of 28 days.

The Need Legal representative of the parent or consent for biological access for minors. The document can be downloaded here Link.

This Documents The benefits of vaccination and the potential adverse effects that can result from it, such as pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, are expressed among others.

Per Booster dose Access Teenager From 12 years Who have completed six months of the second vaccine. They also need the consent of their parents.

For populations over 18 years of age, on the other hand, the third dose is given five months after the complete scheme.

For reinforcement, biological Pfizer And Astrageneca, Depending on availability. About this TiredAccording to MSP, evaluation should be done contraindicationsBreastfeeding period, especially among pregnant women, over 61 years or travelers.

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