Political parties will determine their candidates for the Olmedo seat in the mayor’s office in Guayaquil. Photo: Archive / EL COMERCIO

The Social Christian Party (PSC) Cynthia Viteri Y. Nicholas Lapenti Will present for that person Town Hall From Guayaquil. Both. Coincidentally, they reveal them Intention To participate on the same day.

Lapenti, a former prefect, said in the early hours of Tuesday, May 17, 2022, that he was tempted by the idea of ​​finding the mayor’s office in Guayaquil. He mentioned that he had the support of the base and some leaders, whom he did not name, but said he would abide by the decision of the authorities.

Hours later, and time Report For his three-year tenure as mayor, Viteri assured that he was looking for his bid, although he has not yet been made official. Social Christian candidate.

Veteri is the most likely option to represent the PSC in the electoral process. However, Lapante’s motives put some pressure on his idea of ​​re-election.

The PSC’s decision on Guakil’s mayoral candidacy was expected in August, but Viteri hoped it would be announced before the end of May.

Candidates with past municipalities

Its candidacy Peter Paul Duarte The announcement was made from Guayaquil’s mayor’s office Auto Sonenholzner. The former vice president has said he will not participate and will support Lenin Moreno’s former official.

Sonenholzner and Duart Moreno met in the government, with the first vice president and the second Governor of Guayaquil.

After leaving the government, he started working The neighborhoodSo he organized the neighbors and installed security cameras Security Y. Panic button To warn The police National.

He worked before joining the Moreno government Municipality of Guayaquil During its administration Jaime Nebot. He was the Municipal Director of Social Action and Education.

Return to the political arena

Jimmy Zerala Has accepted the request The center of democracy, His team, and said he would like to occupy the chair of Olmedo. The Former Prefect Dale Guas will return to the political arena after working in radio journalism.

Before registering his candidacy, he said that he would visit the city to find out the needs of the people and create a design. Activities From Is working To serve them.

On February 5, 2023, Ecuadorians must elect a divisional authority.

Those who have been made to wait

The ruling party and Coreismo have not yet confirmed whether they will run for mayor of Guayaquil. In the case of Guillermo Lasso’s team, it is unknown who will be an alternative, although some names are being considered.

The dilemma in Correismo is different. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Its name Marcella Aguinaga Y. Pierre Strap They always are Gifts If one of them is selected in the correismo, it must be accompanied Approval From the leader of the movement Belgium.

Another option is to revive the alliance with the Democratic Center and support Jayarala’s candidacy. This agreement served leadership Second round To Andres Araujo, who lost the presidency to Lasso.


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