‘The Squid Game’ A South Korean production series that follows its story Seong Gi-hunA person who is plagued with debt is hired for a participation Lazy play Where competitors face each other in exams for which their lives are spent Rewards Millionaire.

Since its premiere in 2021, only in the first month since its release on the streaming platform, ‘The Squid Game’ has reached a total of 1.65 billion hours of playback worldwide. A record for the platform, which decided to bet on the second season of this story.

Although this seemed unlikely, Gi-hun became the winner of the game and discovered who was behind the organization of such a horrible situation: the seemingly gentle and affectionate old man, oh il-nam. In the end, the winner decides to stay in Korea, his birthplace, instead of visiting his daughter in the United States to destroy The Squid Game.

Since many characters have lost their lives due to the nature of the trial they face, many will not be able to bring it back to the screen. However, the creator of the series. Huang Dong-hyuk reveals who will be next in the story.

First, Apparently Li Jung-je and Li Baing-hun, Who played Gi-hun and the unnamed main character of the organization, respectively, will return to the story. Besides, It looks like Hoyeon Jung, who played the 67th contestant who fled North Korea with his younger brother, will also return. This time 6 died as twin sisters.

This series marks together with the ‘parasite’, a South Korean production milestones that break down language barriers and manage to touch audiences around the world. Due to the competition system, over-consumerism and criticism of capitalism, both stories have been able to open up conversations around the situations people go through.

According to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, Hwang Dong-hyuk declared that he was interested in creating the series, acknowledging that “we live in a very competitive society, which forces us to put in a lot of effort and sometimes we Work as if we were a piece of a board.

In addition, the creator and author acknowledge that for the second season he wants people to choose a more supportive attitude towards each other. He assured that his interest in making ‘The Squid Game’ has also waned Be able to provide an opportunity for reflection at the hearing And remember that more than just staff and competition, they are all human.

“We feel our environment is full of competitors and not people we can trust,” the South Korean author told La Nacion.


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