From the team are Angela Paz and Mino, Anna Trujillo and Vanessa Garzon Coffee with milk and breadThere were winners in the division Elite women The first validation of the Health Challenge which was completed on March 26, 2022.

The winners of a tour held in the province of Cotopaxi won with a time of 3:41:32 hours. The starting point was at Aglomerados Cotopaxi, Hacienda San Joaquín.

This race combines three disciplines such as ‘Trail Running’, Mountain Biking and Orienteering.

In addition to the two traditional sections, two more have been implemented this year.

Its participants The elite 12km trail, plus 18km cycling, while staying Department of Adventure 8 km on foot and 12 km on a bicycle.

For this version, Couples and Single Path sections were also implemented

The route is usually released a few hours before departure.

In second place Elite women It was for Girls Consists of Nina Arguello, Wendy Jaramillo, Veronica Salgado.

Went to third place Wari, With Nicole Almeida, Andrea Yanez, Leseth Munoz.

Mixed elite
Andes Racing / Dani Costa, Felipe Munchmeyer, Alex Montenegro
Aring – ICL / Javier Luna, Emerson Conlago, Lorena Sevalos
Impulse Heart / Clever Villacross, Alexandrina Villacross, Oscar Anrango

Male elite
Life Adventura Imptek / Gonzalo Calisto, Francisco Pinto, Juan Calisto
Globetrotters / Javier Rivadeneira, Andrés Salvador, Antonio Fierro
Pastaza Escobar Amazonia / Elgi Garcia, Yanquam Escobar, Carlos Herras

Other winners on the page Adventure project.

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