ave Mariscal Sucre and Bernardo de Legarda are partially closed to the south-north, north-south and east-west. Photo: AMT.

This Thursday marks the 11th day of the national strike that began on June 23, 2022, and June 13 In this sense, Quito continues to be the center of protests and several roads have been affected by the blockades caused by the protesters.

Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) Updates the information presented and provides continuous reports on road conditions.

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At 6:07 he details the road Rumihurko At the Kangahua Roundabout (the entrance to Roldos), a road is closed to the east-west and west-east. There are rubble on the road.

Also the way Marshall Sucre and Bernardo de Legarda It is partially closed to the south-north, north-south and east-west. Debris on the road.

Another road damaged is Avenue Simon Bolivar From Troy to General Ruminahui Highway, which is partially capable on both sides. Careful driving is advised due to debris lying on the road.

Details have been given to go there Mariscal Sucre Airport You must take the following roads: Simon Bolivar Avenue, Ruta Viva (partially), AV. Oswaldo Guayasamin, E35 and Alpachaca connector. Several sections have recommended caution due to the presence of debris.

At 6:19 it is announced with a cut Intervalles Avenue It is kept off.

Trolleybus and Ecovia services will continue to be suspended in #Quito. This was reported by Metropolitan Passenger Transport Company »https://bit.ly/3ydV4Px

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Wednesday, June 22, 2022


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