Police searched vehicles and people traveling on motorcycles. Photo: Patricio Terán / EL COMERCIO

A Control operative Friday, May 20, 2022, was held in the sector with vehicles, public spaces and people Tola And at various points Quito At the same time members of the national police intervened in the operation.

Jose Barragan, Head of Operations Manuela Sange DistrictThe purpose of the procedure is to “protect the safety of citizens and prevent criminal activity.”

He mentioned that various campaigns were conducted The neighborhood Which consists of the Manuela Sange district Confiscate About 100 Knife Daily

Similarly, it indicates that 385 as of May 2022 Robbery of people There were 373 cases in 2021 at gunpoint.

The district of Manuela Sáenz is considered a The red dot By the large influx of street dwellers.

Its staff The police Carry inspections of vehicles, as well as backpacks and suitcases of people traveling by motorcycle.

Between January and May 2022, they answered 1,552 emergency calls for public robberies, according to data provided by ECU 911. However, in 2021, there were 2,831 warnings.


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