The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that more infections will be recorded. Photo: EFE

Last Thursday, May 19, d Ministry of Health of Peru The world has issued an epidemic warning due to the increase in the number of monkeypox cases. Although there are no suspected or confirmed cases in neighboring countries, caution is a mechanism that will help improve their potential case detection and control.

In Europe, more than 100 cases of this most common disease have already been reported West and Central Africa. Germany is one of the last countries to join the list of positive cases of this infection.

Also, the World Health Organization (WHO)WHO) Warned that more infections would probably be recorded. There are about 50 suspected cases that are being investigated.

The first warning sign was lit when an infected person (who was traveling) Nigeria Earlier) May 7 in the UK with this virus.

Within a few days it spread to other countries. In the first case there are specialties that can be caused by infectious processes Sexually transmitted.

An abnormal outbreak

Health expert James Gallagher of the BBC explains that this is an unusual and unprecedented outbreak, especially Europe, Which has surprised scientists who specialize in this disease.

Since the virus was first identified in 1970, (a captive monkey) scattered outbreaks have been reported in 10 African countries. The largest of these was recorded in 2017 in Nigeria. There were 172 suspected cases on that occasion. The The first bud It occurred in the United States in 2003 outside the African continent.

Paul Cardinas, medical researcher Infectious diseasesNoting that “throughout history, two strains of the virus have been identified. One is native to Central Africa, with a mortality rate of up to 10%, and the other is found in West Africa. Africa And its mortality rate is 1%, even lower. “

The strains that have been identified in the current outbreak appear to be the descendants of this less deadly variant. “As researchers and after going through an epidemic (one caused by Covid-19), we are very conscious of controlling these viruses in a timely manner and preventing them from spreading,” the expert said.

Here are the countries that have reported positive for the virus:

United Kingdom

Until Friday 20 May, the UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) Confirmed that there have been 20 confirmed cases since the beginning of the month. The last 11 cases were confirmed on Friday. British Health Secretary Sajid Javid has assured that most are mild and that they have received more doses of effective vaccine against the infection.


This Saturday 21, Ministry of Health Madrid Reported that they had identified 39 approved cases of monkeypox (including laboratory PCR). All the positivity of this country is concentrated in Madrid. Also, they indicated that they were investigating 40 more suspicious cases.

Stopping tracking of this outbreak carried out by the authorities indicates a sauna. Elena Andradas, the community’s director general of public health, explained that at the moment it is “related to men. Gay or bisexual Who have relationships with other men. Also, seven autonomous communities in European countries warned in the last hours of Saturday that they were investigating possible infections in their territories.


A young man who had recently traveled to this country Canary Islands. Infectious Diseases Surveillance Service of Lazio, in its area Rome, Friday, May 20 confirmed, two more positive cases related to the first. The three victims have been admitted to Lazaro Spalanjani Institute. The director general of the medical center, Francesco Vaya, said they were healthy.


The confirmed cases of this disease in this country are from the people of Melbourne and Sydney. One of them, 30 years old, will be infected London. Another patient, 40, had mild symptoms after traveling to Europe.


The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that six people are being monitored as suspicious cases after a Massachusetts state confirmed that a person had tested positive for monkeypox. A sat next to these six people Traveler Presented that probably infected Symptoms Time to go to the UK from Nigeria in early May

In the meantime New York One patient has been reported positive for orthopoxvirus, a family that belongs to the monkeypox. The CDC is keeping this patient under observation and quarantine.


As of this Saturday, 23 cases of viral infections have been reported in the country, according to the Portuguese Department of Health. Nine of which have been confirmed on the last day. That is by analyzing the samples as explained by the health authorities Virus strain From West Africa, which is “less aggressive”.


The Canadian Public Health Agency has confirmed that the first two were infected Quebec) In North American countries. In addition, he indicated that they are waiting for the analysis of 17 more suspected cases in Montreal.

Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden

It was the Institute of Microbiology German Armed Forces The person responsible for confirming the first positive infection in Munich, Germany. This is a patient who presented characteristic skin lesions.

When Public Health Agency France last Thursday announced a positive patient in the Ile-de-France region. This is a 29-year-old man with mild symptoms who has apparently not traveled to a country where the virus has already been detected.

Health authorities in Belgium and Sweden also confirmed their first positive cases of monkeypox this week. The first one also has a picture Suspicious Confirmed partner in the case. This person has symptoms but has not been confirmed to be infected with the virus.

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