Through music, these rappers especially want to create awareness among the new generation. Photo: Evelyn Jácome / El Comercio

Not this SongThat’s it To interrupt. It will open your mouth so that the world knows InjusticeThe FearThe Demand And also Dreams Of Young people From the neighborhood

Inside Pisuli, Organized by a group of young people north of the capital to show the other side of the sector, which has gained a reputation for being unsafe. They have boys who show that Talent Y. SensitivityAnd those who are committed to art and culture.

They do what is known as’.Freestyle‘, What does it mean Free styleAnd part of it Hip hop culture. It consists of rapping with Swing And improved, using Background A ‘Beat‘(Once) with Musical trackBut when they do it it gets even cooler when someone else in the present does a ‘beatbox’, i.e., they just use their mouths to create any kind of rhythm.

The Hip-hop A culture that originated south of the Bronx in the 60’s and brought many together ItemNot just for rap: ‘DJ’, ‘Breaking’ (who dances) and graffiti.

All of this has a place Nido Kurikuingu Cultural CenterA place where there was a market, but it was closed and abandoned for 16 years.

People of the society, hand in hand Youth Management NetworkIt is rescued and used by it today Young people To do Art.

Fabrizio Dias, 36, coordinator of the Network and Cultural Center and part of the Emasarios del Verso Group.

She works with kids who do hip-hop and says her Purpose Helping young people to find their talents, to exploit them and why not, to survive from them.

Rafael Cardinas says to make what they want Awareness Without loss of essence Poetry Rape’s
One of the characteristics of these boys is that groups create a content and look for it Very good quality. Young people who do not follow those who “ruin the message and say things that are meaningless.”

Raphael refers to those who sing about enjoyment Of drugs As for something good, about Violence And something like that about street life PositiveWhen in reality it is a fall.

“You don’t have to romanticize the whole thing that we’re gangsters,” he says. You don’t have to pretend to be the bad guy in the story to figure out a way.

There are no statistics on the number of hip-hop groups in Quito, but Raphael says there are more than 300.
‘Freestyle’ has two currents: one is very conservative and aware that it talks about the academy of song, poetry and composes it with conscience. Others eat bad things.

Raphael explains that there are people in ‘Freestyle’, especially those who are just starting out, who think what they should do. Insult To the opponent. But it is not like that. Good ‘Cock‘Of course CreativeNot obscene or offensive.

Alison Anangonó, 24, is one of the group’s most vocalists. He composed his own songs. Photo: Evelyn Jácome / El Comercio
There are also those who practice ‘beatbox’. Anyone can contact if they want to learn
At 098 410 9024 with Fabricio Dias
Rafael Ocles and Rafael Cárdenas are the two most experienced young men in the group and share their knowledge with those who join. Photo: Evelyn Jácome / El Comercio

The Youth

When the boys get together, someone does a ‘beat’ and says, “Let’s do a little ‘free’ to get rid of the blockage of the mind”, then the real battle of good verse begins.

Daniel Quinaluisa, 32, continues the rhythm through his veins. He comes to La Roldos to give off steam. Instead of fighting, he raps.

Raphael Oakles, 24, defines what they do as social work.

They want to help people with their songs. Let the youth dedicate themselves to this work without going astray.

Music can release and an example of this is 26-year-old Christian Morales, who belongs to Istasion Ophelia and took to the streets thanks to hip-hop.

Alisson Anangonó, 24, is part of a group called Entelequia ETD.

He noted that they are spokespersons for other young people who have not made it easy; And one of their distinguishing features from other singers is that, in addition to talent, they have a big heart.

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