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There are already regulations in the Fisheries and Fisheries Act

About two years after the approval Biological law for the development of aquaculture and fisheriesThe government signed the regulations.

This Friday, February 25, President Guillermo Lasso Signed Regulations on Artificial Fishing Ports AncoquintoOn St. Helen. Its representatives were Craftsman fishing sectorArt, AquacultureOf Mercury And Fisheries

According to the government, the regulations will guarantee the sustainability, searchability and transparency of the two most important productive sectors in the country: Fishing and aquaculture.

A regulation to eradicate illegal fishing

The Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries He pointed out that the process of making regulations has started with the formation of a technical review committee. It was supported by representation from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.FAO On Ecuador)

This joint work is carried out to strengthen such ideas Traceability Product, monitoring, control and surveillance Fishing activities And fulfilling responsibilities.

The government has pledged to fight, discourage and eradicate it Illegal fishing, Undisclosed and uncontrolled. According to the ministry, progress in the framework to comply with the DG-Mer’s recommendations is crucial, so that the yellow card is withdrawn. European Union (EU).

In 2019, the block imposed the ban after deficiencies were identified Ecuador To ensure that exports do not come Illegal fishing activities.

New regulations

During the meeting Minister of Production, Julio Jos Prado, Stressed that confirms the validity of the regulations Fisheries and aquatic products Across the value chain, because through records that verify compliance with control actions.

Similarly, he reported that the opportunities and benefits of this regulation were socialized with the actors. Craftsmen and artisan fishing, Aquaculture sector, From Mercury And Fisheries His comments and observations have been processed, he commented.

Control and approval

The regulations describe its policy The rule of law Fishing is an international treaty where Ecuador is a party. It also thinks Control and approval procedures. According to the ministry, these are in line with the principles of efficiency, equality, proportionality and transparency. In this way, the searchability of the exported product is ensured, which builds confidence International market.

At the end of the meeting and as part of the plan Regularization Of Fishing craftsmen, Lasso has provided 60 certifications, an active document to carry out this work and which allows fishermen to access government facilities such as: technical assistance, assistance in crafting issues related to artisan fishing, productive project advice, strengthening knowledge and transfer with training.

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