The actor immediately alerted the area authorities. Photo: Instagram @owenwilsonsource

As reported by local authorities, the American actor Wayne WilsonAnyone who has acted in a movie like ‘Zulander’ has been robbed, since some criminals They took four tires from his carWhich was parked outside his house.

The incidents took place last Saturday night, May 26, near the palace of the city’s interpreter. Santa Monica, California, America.

As usual, Wilson He arrived in the afternoon in his luxury Tesla car and parked it in front of his property. The next morning, the actor was in for a big surprise when he realized that there were no four tires.

As reported by American media TMZ, due to the large price of the car, USD 100,000, the price of the tire will be around USD 4 thousand dollars, which the artist has to pay.

The actor immediately warned Authority From the area, those who have already begun a rigorous investigation are reviewing security cameras and crime records at the scene, to find those responsible for the crime.

As directed by The policeThe assassins will be investigated and prosecuted under the crime of grand theft, although no relevant capture has been made at this time.

In addition, this is not the first time such an incident has taken place, since the robbery AngelsAnd other nearby communities – including 6 Santa Monica– Increased.

Crime in Santa Monica

Residents of the surrounding suburbs Angels What? Brentwood, Marina del Rey, Pacific Palisades and Santa MonicaThe authorities are dissatisfied with the recent insecurity.

According to a recent report by local media NBC Los Angeles, citizens Santa Monica They realize that thefts against people, property and vehicles have increased the most.

In addition, this information has been verified through research, since the most recent calculations conducted by the entity Safe Wise, Holy Monica ranks among the four most insecure cities CaliforniaWith Oakland, St. Bernardin Y. Compton.

As for offenses against property, Department Of The police Of Angels He publicly assured that criminal gangs had besieged the homes of the area’s richest citizens, but that they were already conducting operations to dismantle the organizations.

On the other hand, vehicle theft is also a major concern among people, as they have increased by 17% compared to 2020 figures, as indicated by. Department Of Sheriff Via the Daily Mail.

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