Life in young Liberia Emanuel Cotton That has changed dramatically since a man returned 50,000 lost on the street.

As collected by Half the BBC This Monday, April 4, 2022, the incident happened last year. The boy, now 19, dropped out of school Motorcycle taxi.

While running his work tool at the time, Tuloe found 50,000 “In a mixture of dollars and Liberian bills, wrapped in a plastic bag on the side of the road.”

The young man paid his aunt to take care of him and when The owner of the money He said on the radio to return it, Emanuel showed up to deliver it.

After that HonestyThe people of his town have ridiculed him for this claim “I will die in poverty”.

However, after learning about his activities, d Rex Institute, One of the most prestigious schools in Liberia, offered him a place.

Not only that, the President of Liberia. George Weah, Gave him USD 10,000. The owner of a local media outlet also paid him, which was collected from television and radio listeners. Even gave money to the person who lost it 500 1,500 products.

Finally, one United States University After finishing high school he was given a full scholarship.

After receiving this award, the young man gave a message. “My message to all young people is: ‘It is good to be honest; Don’t accept what is not yours. “.

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