The study, published in Nature Communications, is the first to reveal in detail the complex internal variability. Photo: Europe Press

A new one Research Is the first to take one Detailed pictures Boundary layer with an unusual pocket rock Original Of LandAbout 3,000 kilometers below Area.

The mysterious area of ​​rock, located almost directly beneath the Hawaiian Islands, is one of several regions. Very low speedSo called because it became a seismic wave Slow down A Amount That passes through them.

The ResearchPublished in Nature Communications, the first to be published in detail Complex variability The interior of one of these pockets sheds light on the deep interior landscape Land And the processes that work within it.

“Among all the features of the interior Deep Of LandThis is the most Fascinating Y. Complex. Now we have the first Hard evidence Showing its internal structure: it is a real milestone Seismology From the deep world, “said lead author Zhi Li, a student Department From Science Of Land Of University From Cambridge.

The interior of the earth is layered like an onion: in the center Original From Iron Y. NickelSurrounded by a thick layer known as the mantle, and above it a thin outer layer: the crust where we live.

Although mantle is Solid rockEnough It’s hot Feed heat into these internal convection currents as they flow at extremely slow speeds AreaPromoting the movement Tectonic plate And feeding Volcanic eruption.

Scientists use seismic waves Earthquake See below Area Of Land; This reflects the echoes and shadows of the waves Similar pictures Those who are a radar Deep internal topography. But until recently, the image of the structure along the core-mantle boundary has been a major area of ​​interest for the study of its flow. Heat Internal Us PlanetGranular and difficult to explain.

Researchers have used the latest method Numerical modeling To express the kilometer-scale structure on the border between Original And Mantle. Co-author Dr. According to Kwangdai Leng, who developed these methods University From Oxford“We are really pushing the boundaries Modern computing High performance for simulation ElastodynamicPreviously undiscovered or unused waves take advantage of symmetry. “Leng, who now works Advice From Opportunity – advantage From Science Y. TechnologyThat means they can improve Resolution Of Pictures The dimensions are compared by an order Previous job.

They noticed a 40% reduction Velocity Of Seismic waves Who were traveling to the base of the zone Very low speed Hawaii down. According to the authors, it supports Existing offer That area has a lot more iron than the surrounding rocks, which means it More dense Y. Slow down. “It is possible that this iron-rich element is a remnant of the ancient rocks in the history of the earth or even iron coming out of the earth. Original For Medium unknownSaid Dr. Sane Cotter, project leader at Cambridge Earth Sciences.

The new one Research Can also help Scientists Understand and give birth to what is below Chains of volcanoes Like the Hawaiian Islands. Scientists have begun to notice a Reciprocity In its position Volcano With access point Descriptive name, Which includes Hawaii and Iceland, and the very low-velocity region at the beginning of the mantle. The origin of the point volcano It’s hot Done Widely controversialBut the most popular theory suggests that it comes with plum-like structures Material Of Warm blankets From the core-mantle border to the surface.

With Pictures From its area Very low speed Available now below Hawaii, teams can collect Physical evidence Perhaps the Hawaiian feed that column is rare from the original. Dense, iron-rich rocks beneath Hawaii will support his observations Observation From Area: “Basalts sprouted from Hawaii have unusual isotopic signatures that may indicate its origin. Primitive world Or in a core leak, which means that some part of this dense material must be deposited Dragged Per AreaKottar Md.

Now you have to get Pictures More than that Limits In Original And Mantle Understand if all the hot spots on the surface have a pocket Material Dense in the beginning. Depending on where and how the core-mantle boundary can be focused Earthquake And where are they installed? Seismometer To record waves.

The Observation A growing joining of the team Body From Proof That’s inside Deep Of Land It is as variable as its surface. “In this area Low speed One of the most complex features we see Extreme depth; If we expand our search, we will probably see increasing levels of it ComplicationsA lot Structural What? ChemistryOn the core-mantle border, ”Lee said.

They are now planning to apply their strategy for improvement Resolution From pictures of other pockets on the core-mantle border, as well as from maps of new regions. Finally, they hope to map Geological landscape Across the border in Original And Mantle And understand its dynamics and its relation to evolutionary history Planet.

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