This Friday, April 29, Singer Carol G. surprised her followers Madeleine With ‘one’ yourselfTouchFor Proof“, As his song says. Several people were present at the time Fans That they ask him Photos Y. Autograph.

However, it was a lot Violence An elevated platform was placed on a porch so that Carol Can address you Followers. In the evenings, he became animated and ended up singing several songs, such as ‘Provenza’, ‘200 Copas’, ‘El McKinnon’ and ‘Mami’.

Although he is in her Social media It was a Magic nightThere was one Inconvenient Which was recorded on camera by the attendees.

They threw beer in his face

In Video Circulation on the Internet which you can see the moment SingerFirmly Protected For his plan Security, Moved to the streets of Provence. Suddenly, the clips show how one of the attendees decided to turn ৷ Liquid That he had a glass of beer, Expensive Of Artist.

Immediately, the people guarding Karal G understand Condition And pushed the woman away. Apart from this one can also be seen as a follower Regaton Money pulls the attacker back when he sees what he has just done.

The Identity Young people did not PublicBut those who have witnessed the incident have confirmed that Fans From ‘La Bichota’ they start blaming him and fights start around the place.

This Condition The singer did not mention it on his network. On the contrary, he has shared its message Gratitude To her fans for her singing Song And join the place.

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