Experts from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Hospital General de Jonah Con Medicine Familia (HGZ / MF) No. 1D Pachuca in Hidalgo has collected a multi-organ.

The stroke of a 57-year-old woman made it possible for her relatives to prosecute.

Dr. Yedith Pillar Sandoval Vazquez, the hospital’s coordinator for organ and tissue donation for the replacement of Pachuca HGZ / MF No. 1, said: According to the effectiveness of each, its effectiveness is determined.

Organs and tissues

The organs and tissues that were collected were: one kidney, two corneas and muscular tissue; Through this, two people will regain their sight and one will significantly improve his health, since he is already giving up dialysis through kidney transplant and more than 100 people will benefit from the muscle tissue.

High Specialty Medical Unit Transplant Team (UMAE) Specialty Hospital “Dr. Antonio Fraga Muret” National Medical Center (CMN) La Raja, was responsible for the collection of kidney, muscular tissue, it will be processed at the Tissue Bank of Mexico State.

Medical expert of IMSS Hidalgoor General of UMAE Hospital “Dr. CMN La Rajar Goudensio Gonzalez Garza”.

For her part, Camilla “N”, the donor’s niece, said: “With this grant, we are counting on my aunt’s life.

Respect for the donor

Before the trial, a tribute and a minute of silence were held to give the heroine a chance at life.

“Designed to give people love even in this situation,” Sandoval said while delivering the donor’s body to a team of experts.

In Mexico, more than 22,000 people are waiting for a replacement. This anonymous work of love strengthens institutional organ, tissue and cell donation and transplant programs.

All organ collection and replacement procedures are conducted under strict sanitary control and respect for the donor’s body, so that once the surgery is completed, the body can be placed in an open coffin.

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