Tedros Adhanam Ghebreissas, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). Photo: Europe Press

Its CEO World Organization Of Health (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, raised, during his speech Committee Of Emergency Of International Health RegulationsIn more than 3,200 cases Monkey pox Confirmed all over the world A death.

In most cases, men who have sex with men, and especially those who have had sex with new or multiple partners. “Person-to-person transmission continues and may be underestimated. Inside NigeriaThe proportion of infected women is much higher than in other places, and it is important to better understand how the disease spreads there, ”she said.

Besides, about one and a half thousand cases have been registered so far this year. Suspicious case of monkeypox And about 70 people have died in Central Africa, mainly Democratic Republic Of CongoEven in the republic Central African Y Cameroon. “A few of these cases have been confirmed and very little is known about their situation,” Tedros warned.

The leader said United Nations Asked to share information with countries WHO; Identify cases, find adequate contacts, sequence genomes, and implement infection control and prevention measures; And strengthen their ability to resist Chickenpox infection Monkey

“Many countries have probably missed the opportunity to identify cases, including community cases, without a recent trip. The Purpose Of WHO Helping countries to hold transmission and stop outbreaks with its equipment Public health Tested and proven, including surveillance, contact detection and isolation of infected patients, ”he said.

Finally, Tedros recalls that one of its “most important” lessons Coronavirus is worldwide One of the “most effective” ways to respond to an outbreak in affected communities is to work together to co-create effective risk communications.

“We need to work with partners, including affected communities, to quickly and decisively address stigma, discrimination and misinformation. We must work together as an international community to create the necessary clinical efficacy and safety data for monkeypox vaccines and therapies and to ensure their equitable distribution. “


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