MonkeyPix has been reported in more than 50 non-native countries. Photo: Internet

World Health Organization (WHO) 5,322 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox have been recorded from more than 50 countries that were not localized to the disease, which has been present in Central and West Africa in recent decades.

This Tuesday, July 5, 2022, a spokesman for the agency said there had been a more than 50% increase in cases compared to the previous balance of June 22 and single deaths.

“The WHO He called on the countries to pay special attention to this issue Monkey poxTo try to limit pollution, “Fadela Chaib announced at a news conference in Geneva.

Risk groups

The WHO has said since last week that it is concerned that monkeypox could spread to high-risk groups, noting that the virus has a “sustainable infection”.

“This may indicate that the virus is catching up and may move into a high-risk group, such as: Kids, Pregnant women Is Immunosuppressed peopleWHO Director-General Tedros Adhanam Ghebresas made the announcement at a news conference.

He revealed that it was beginning to see that “several children have been infected.”

The agency noted that of all juveniles under the age of 17 who fall into this category and reported cases – two from the UK and others from Spain and France have not yet been confirmed – none are serious.

“However, this is an age group that really worries us, even if they are mild (cases), so we need to do everything possible to control this outbreak through the existing health system,” said one expert.

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