A small window to see the future will open this Wednesday, March 30, 2022, in Quito, where Experts on various subjects will analyze The transformation of the current Internet 3D version: MetaverseA new technology that, although not yet available, has already turned the world upside down

“We are talking about metavers, but we still can’t see. So far there has been no official conference on Facebook or Meta Event or Microsoft, “said French Ovali Benmezian, executive director. Web CongressWhich will be held for the first time in Ecuador under the mottoCreate the future ‘.

Go back to the future

Compared to the past, Benmejian considered that the world is now like the early days of the Internet, when infrastructure Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Cell Phones And “what we know now and what seems very normal to us.”

Along these lines are now “the five most important brands in the world in technology, which Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and MicrosoftAll their investment in innovation in the issue is at stake Metaverse“, I note.

This means, Within a decade“Everything we’re going to do is study, communicate through that metaverse, which we call 3D Internet,” he said.

But, unlike what is happening today, it is purposeful Combine the face with the more immersive virtual And achievement There is no hologram Meetings with people who are “scattered on the planet.”

As a fundamental process, Benmeziane speculates that this may be the case Achieve using glasses that allow you to enter the metaverseBut every single reality continues.

Indeed, the new culture Work from a distance This is a topic that will be discussed Web Congress From Digital marketing and new technologiesWhich will end on Wednesday and bring together thousands of professionals as well as companies from the US and Europe, both personally and practically, to analyze the digital world.

Digital transcends everything

“The problem with the Internet is not just for those who work in technology, everyone is shocked,” he said The event will be attended by a wide range of people “Interested in growth” to create a timely conversation “because the world is going to change and we are going to talk about it from the beginning”.

“Before he underlined – these kinds of conversations were made by a few passionate people at a conference”, but now they’re all involved because digital is all over the place.

He cites it as an example There are already fashion designers for MetaversWho make and sell clothing for personal avatars.

“It looks like something out of a movie, like science fiction,” but two decades ago, the same idea was conceived about the possibility of walking around with a telephone in your hand that allows bank transactions or facilitates real-time video conversations. With people on the other side of the earth.

The virtual “a little more people”

“Metaverse is a version of the virtual that is a little more human,” he said before mentioning The current analysis has nothing to do with the presence but with the virtual Today’s, which is “a little more static”, with a screen that allows audio and video, is more immersive than tomorrow’s virtual.

“The world is connected”, there is matter Improve that connectionWhich reaches all corners and progresses in solving big problems like regulation and privacy or censorship.

“We have 7,000 million people on the planet, half of the planet is connected every day and the other half is uninterrupted,” he asserted, adding that today, “if the world wants to stop, it is not sending an atomic bomb, it is shutting down the Internet: banks, The stock market, dynamics, data, data doesn’t work … “

For this reason, highlight it The importance of exchanging information and experience will happen in Ecuador as well In strategies, content, conversion, connectivity, cryptoeconomics, technology, e-commerce, innovation, marketing, digital business, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, sustainability and digital transformation.

But especially the problem MetaverseIn environments where people communicate as incarnations, free from the physical and economic constraints of the real world, a technology “not yet available” and whose goal is to replace the Internet as it is known today.


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