Inside loaPeople are proud. Residents know it was part of a parish 20 minutes southwest of Quito Route Fight those who are followed by soldiers Battle of Pichincha.

The grandparents told their grandchildren that Estate Located in that area (under some religious orders) the army was essential for its own feeding.

Patricio Guerra, the city’s historian, confirms this: “The warriors said for their horses and cattle, sometimes voluntarily and by force of others.

At that time, the area was different from the present, there were no roads, but there were small chakuins. It is even said that perhaps the local people served as a guide Army To pave the way.

Guerrero considers the importance of this area Liberal gestures Essential for strengthening Identity Of Settler. For that reason multiple ActivitiesAbout, especially for young people Bicentennial.

Enrique Gonzalez, its president Decentralized autonomous government The parishioner said that at 9:00 am on May 22, it was planned to occupy Central Square. 300 troops and 100 horses will enter the area from the south and visit the city, where about 2,400 people live.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes The bicentennial parade. The uniform will depart from Guayaquil.

Angelita Peredes, cultural manager for Casa Somos Lower, said that in coordination with the only Pichincha school in the parish, they were going to hold a number of events to commemorate the date.

One of them is a Competition From Paintwork Y. He draws The students will hold a hearing on the war on May 27 Historical review And they must grasp what the bicentennial means to them.

The Administration Eloy Alfaro Will organize a theater with 130 students to remember the importance of the date. The goal is to preserve the history of the area for the new generation and its contribution to independence.

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