Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Juan Carlos HolguinWill travel on March 30, 2022 United States To hold various bilateral meetings. Will be one of the topics of discussion Situation of armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“We are going to review the position of Ecuador and the United States in the war between Russia and Ukraine. We are going to review, precisely, the new measures that the United States has taken against Russia, which are supported by Ecuador, “the foreign minister said in an interview with Democracy Radio on Monday, March 28, 2022.

Its location EcuadorSaid, what is it Russia respects international law And stop this “meaningless war”.

The minister mentioned that he had been there for a few weeks Fluid relations with the United StatesLed by Joe Biden. In addition to geopolitics, the goal of the meeting with the Secretary of State is to “strengthen some measures on the impact this conflict has had on our economy, trade and security,” according to Holguin.

Despite being located on another continent, Ecuador is obtained The negative effects of war In commercial. Russia is the fourth largest exporterLast year, Ecuador had more than 1,300 million in exports of various products such as bananas, shrimp and flowers, he explained.

National security

The issue will be discussed with President Biden’s advisers. “We are in a joint process on some issues of national security, which will be an assessment,” he assured.

On New YorkWill have a meeting with Holguin UN Secretary General. A temporary candidate for Ecuador Security Council That body, period 2023-2024. The Chancellor hopes that June 9 will be “good news for the country.”

Summit of America

Authorities of the two countries will also speak on its preparation Summit of AmericaWhich will be held in July.

At the top of the table is Ecuador Fighting climate change. The purpose is to have a “pretty concrete” agenda at the summit.

Countrymen of Ukraine

Last Friday a last group of citizens of the country came to the country. However, the campaign will continue People still appear in UkraineThe official said.

“The Foreign Ministry has not yet closed the Ukraine issue”, the parties continue to work Embassies of Hungary and Austria.

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