George Glass, former Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador. Photo: File / L Commerceio

Two weeks ago Departmental selection In 2014, the former president Rafael Correa And former Vice President George Glass called on Jose Luis Cortazar, director of the Hydrocarbon Regulation and Control Agency (RCH), to lift restrictions on marketing. Explosive For Miner And “relax rules” for the sale of fuel in border provinces. This was revealed by a video released by the Glass Code Investigation Portal on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

According to the journalist’s report, on February 5, 2014, Glass had a meeting with Kortazar at the Vice Presidency of the Republic.

“The recording is unprecedented and revealing, as it unfolds for the first time, in the words of its main protagonists, the vague, hidden political practice of that government in the midst of power, in the midst of departmental elections that marked its fall and lost support.” Elections, “says the media.

“I’m telling you to sell explosives, brother, I’m losing Amazon for mining,” the former vice president told state officials. To get voters back, the government at the time planned to amend the restrictions on carrying petrol.

“Relax the rules until three weeks later,” Glass said, referring to the period before the election. “This is going to bring us a serious problem, then (the system) will be a problem to return,” Cortazar replied; But Glass added: “Put it on and that’s it”, without worry.

In the divisional elections held on February 23, 2014, Chrismo lost Mayor of Quito, Guayaquil Y. Basin, And most provincial capitals. Code Glass said the spectacular defeat marked the beginning of the rapid collapse of Korea and its movement, which was rapidly losing popularity and popular support as the economic boom it had enjoyed for several years due to high oil prices ended.

“Korea and its allies are well aware that their support is running out and their political capital is being lost amid allegations of abuse of power, repression of opposition, union leaders, tribals, social organizations, media and journalists,” the media outlet said.

Korea is fully campaigning

They were desperate, says Glass Code. Even Korea was fully involved in the proselytizing campaign for its candidates. But his participation was fatal to his aspirations and his decision to support opposition candidates caused further rejection among voters.

In order to convert, he sought three vacations in the Korean Legislative Assembly, and was replaced by his vice president, Jorge Glass. In such a situation, Glass had a meeting with Kartar at the Vice Presidency on February 5.

In the conversation, Cortazar said that Korea itself had instructed him to implement the changes and that the Minister for Coordinating Politics, Betty Tola, had called him to demand that he not comply with the provisions. Cortazar allowed vehicles to carry unlimited loads of fuel in the border province, but the government had the idea that even farmers could buy up to a gallon of fuel.

Despite Kortazar agreeing to impose Korea and glass, Alianza lost the PAIS election. The prefecture of Sucumbios was acquired by Guido Vargas, while the capital, Lago Agrio, was occupied by the mayor’s office, Vinicius Vega; Both are from Lucio Gutierrez’s Patriotic Society Party.

Code Glass explained that it had requested a version of Cortazar, due to its role as regulatory authority, in its cell phone number and email, but did not respond to requests for interviews.

According to the portal, the recordings do not end there and in the next few days they will issue a glass request to Cortazar not to request a report from the private oil companies in charge of Shushufindi and Pardaservices Consortium as well as not to keep anything. Writing, because year after year, can catch the President with it.

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