Several people from Quito have taken advantage of this Holidays Visit its attractions for Labor Day Carolina Park.

Some chose to share a pleasant moment when traveling by boat Park Lake.

However, these are used by three people The boat They fell into the lagoon. Moments captured on video go viral. Social media From Monday, May 2, 2022.

The video shows how a Women Trying to bring his boat ashore. To get down quickly, he jumps but a bad calculation hits him and falls into the soaking lagoon completely.

A few seconds later a man is sitting next to another The boat Two people also fell into the water while trying to share it.

One of them Escort He decides to change the boat and the wet man gets into the boat, but when he tries to lift his weight, the boat tilts, causing the woman to eventually fall into the lagoon.

Internet users did not miss the opportunity to give it Comic aura Clips and melodies My heart will go on Of Celine Dion, which is used in the film ‘Titanic’.

Users asked in the video “Is anyone alive here?” “Looks like Rose couldn’t do it.”“Even the Titanic didn’t dare,” he said, comparing the Titanic and the shipwreck, among others.

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