As the second week of the strike began, the vice president met with the president in Carondelet. Photo: Courtesy of Alfredo Borero

It started on June 21 eight days later Unemployment Called by the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (No), President William Lasso And vice president Alfredo Borero They have appeared together in a film.

On the same day, a Vice President He was seen greeting The police Y Military In the middle. He thanked them for their work which “made it possible to ensure democracy.” The distribution of kits by an important economic group in the country has not gone unnoticed.

Eraser It argues that it was not an active voice in security and discipline control, as the government has an official spokesman. His work, he adds, focuses on health.

However, on 28 April the government dropped out Limitations Through Covid-19 and mandatory use of masks. Lasso did not mention Borrero on that occasion. He highlighted Health Minister Jimena Garjan.

In a May 24 Nation to the Nation report, Borough’s name appeared in the initial salute. This and his low profile have created the idea of ​​a vice president far from the president, even from the regime.

However, Borrero rejected this realization. He told EL COMERCIO that he maintained a close relationship with Lasso and that a possible breakup between the two was just a baseless rumor.

When asked if one of his plans to become president, Borero did not answer yes or no. He says his allegiance to the president is: “We still have a lot of work to do, focusing on responding to the social problems of our citizens.”

According to the budget performance report for the first quarter of the year (January-March 2022), the cost per worker in this official instance was recorded at USD 612,074. According to last May’s staff allocation,
It has 120 officers.

On the established information TransparencyAs of May of this year, an annual budget of 18 3,184,348 has been recorded for current expenditure. In the case of goods, services and other consumer items, the allocated funds are much less.

Your role in the crisis

Borrero said he actively participated in all working meetings with the president. His role, as he reiterated, has been focused on health. For example, in compliance monitoring of all actions related to the supply of drugs and supplies in all health units of the comprehensive public health network.

What to do with the health emergency, it was learned that Vice President Borero was in favor of announcing it. However, it was not implemented until the strike began.

It alleges that in order to issue an emergency decree, a process was completed that required an in-depth analysis of all issues registered by the public health network.

The dialogue between Konai and the government broke down yesterday, and Borrero wrote on his Twitter account: “Losing every life hurts us. We cannot agree on these terms. We want an active dialogue with the leaders representing the base, not their interests. “

Borero went to the historic center to thank members of the armed forces and the national police. Photo: Courtesy of Alfredo Borero

Agenda for the second year

The vice president hopes that health will continue to be his workplace. This was the commission which, for a year and a month, Lasso handed over to him by decree. Its purpose is to change attitudes towards health from a therapeutic approach to a preventive approach.

It will also continue to work from the National Health Council (Konsa). In this example, inputs are generated to make health decisions. It is represented by 17 institutions of the health system.

Assigned responsibilities

For political analyst Daniel Crespo, the role of a vice president does not go beyond the functions assigned by the president. In the case of George Glass, for example, former President Rafael Correa gave him strategic areas; And Lenin Moreno, Social Program.

He considers that the absence in the crisis is critical. However, he believes that he is consistent with the role assigned to him and that he has acted since the beginning of the government.

Carlos Cardinas, president of the Pichincha College of Physicians, noted that at the beginning of the order they saw with satisfaction that a doctor with a career like Borrero was in charge of health. However, they are now concerned that they did not see him as an active personality.

Taking responsibility for the emergency, Cardinas said his union is focused on what it can do to help. He said infrastructure, medicine and medical services are needed.

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