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The new academic year is starting from today Coast-Galapagos rule. Masks will be used on campus, in open or closed spaces by parents. Deputy Minister of Education announced. Andres Chiriboga.

This dress remains a symbol of the epidemic Required For students, teachers and administrators who are present all the time Respiratory symptoms Until it is blown out as Covid-19 by PCR test. These exceptions are part of the appropriate conduct guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Education (ME) for the education system. “We have recommended that the mask be removed in the open, but the final decision is made by the delegate,” Chiriboga stressed.

Chinstrap has become a habit

Inside Ecuador It takes a week to get rid of the mask, however Trend Everyone in schools uses it in open and closed spaces, such as classrooms, school buses, corridors and patios.

When visiting the center Urban area In Quito, Cuenca Loja, Ambato, and other cities it is seen that students and teachers come after masks and in many cases health control is maintained.

It happened at the Enriceta Cordero School in Quincan Parish The bathroom. Two teachers in turn are welcoming 850 students. “I want my children to be safe because the virus has not disappeared,” said Maria Galarza, a mother of one.

For managers, Rodrigo Gallegos, Beyond the COE’s decision, the mask does not bother students. In their spare time they lower it to their jaws and eventually return it to their mouths because they have developed a habit of using it, a teacher said.

At first it was not easy to find Ecuadorians Put on Mask Outside their home; “Now they don’t take it away, it’s a responsibility,” said Fernando Ortega, a doctor at Cuenca River Hospital.

We think the day after tomorrow will be over Compulsory We were going to see a lot of people on the street and students entering the school without masks, but it didn’t happen, explained Froilan Salinas, director of the Citizen Security Council. Basin.

Her reading is that people have not lost their fear of the virus and many parents have the idea that the epidemic cannot be controlled and their children may come in contact because they are not sure that their peers have been vaccinated against it. Virus.

The current state of the virus

Health Minister Jimena Garzon says 87% of the country Desired population, Over three years of age, received the first dose, or 14.5 million people. 84% have second; 43% third and only 4% fourth.

He further added that the immunity of a person who has been vaccinated or infected with the virus is only five months, for which he called on the public to comply with the scheme. Deadline.

In Ambato, ECU-911 monitoring cameras also detected that most people wear masks. Magdalena Moreno She is still waiting for her two children, who study at the Francisco Floor Educational Unit in Ambato, to take her. The school welcomes 1,600 students. The boys have learned to maintain their own protocol. For example, if it is sunny and they are tired in the classroom, some go out and reduce their protection to get some fresh air, Ortega says. They have learned to speak louder in class and have a tendency to lower their clothing in physical education.

In their opinion, the centers are being used voluntarily Face mask It will last until parents feel more secure.

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