The use of exclusive trolley lanes is controversial. For example, Go to your workplace It has become an odyssey for Alex Rivadeneira. He uses Ecovia every day to travel from Villaflora to La Carolina. Estimated transfer time 30 minutes.

However Traffic congestion has increased in Quito Since the face-to-face activities have returned to normal. During the congestion, the traffic in different sectors of the capital was disrupted. In the case of Rivadeneira, the transfer time has increased by one hour. This is because light vehicles can operate in the exclusive lanes of Ecovia Municipal Transport and Trolleybus.

Selected categories

Its use Exclusive trolley rail Controversy has caused annoyance among users, though Current Only in selected sections and at special times.

“It simply came to our notice then Municipality Not right. Trolleybus or Ecovia users have doubled their travel time. It was supposed to be an exclusive lane and now there is also cargo, ”said Rivadaneira.

Users of the municipal system believe that the solutions proposed by the Quito municipality are to solve the problem Mobility Not technically analyzed.

Use exclusive lanes

Adrian Flores, user of the Ecovia system. He said that in order to get to his place of work on time in the House of Culture, he had to leave at 06:15 and then get on the bus. Now yours Route It starts at 07:00 to reach the office at 05:30.

Flores mentioned that Authority Municipal authorities must take other measures to improve mobility in the capital. He believes the Pico Y Placa measure is no longer an option in Quito, as the number of vehicles has also increased.

Measurements to enable Exclusive lane Citizens and municipalities have raised questions about that. However, the Department of Communications informed the newspaper that the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) had issued a legal report which was presented to the Secretary of Mobility to take this action. It will be presented to the Metropolitan Council this Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

Vehicle load

The agency’s director, Silvana Valejo, told a news conference last week that the motive was Exclusive lane Must be controlled so that private cars do not interfere with the movement of public transport units.

However, this measure was not adopted and according to users a larger vehicle load and municipal transport services were affected. This is according to Carolina Tapia, who said the measure is not being controlled because there are now more cars on the exclusive road. Previously, he had only taken the trolleybus and walked to the university located at Avenida 12d October. Now he has to take extra bus to get there on time.

Exclusive Lane Question

Concealer Omar Sevalos The Metropolitan Transit Agency’s decision to allow the use of exclusive lanes to improve mobility in Quito is questionable. Make sure with it Amount Citizens using public transport are being harmed.

“The Mobility It has a pyramid where pedestrians should be given special facilities and then public transport. At the moment when these kinds of experiments and decisions are being made, what is going to happen is that public transport is not moving as fast as before. 80% of the people who get together are going to suffer at the time already planned.

Concealer Well Edward The system violates the Municipal Code and the Municipal Ordinance, which prohibits private vehicles from using exclusive lanes.

“All these measures that are being implemented are of course ideal and a Technical cooperation In the sense that it supports the adoption of such measures, the measurements declared by the Secretary of AMT and Mobility violate the rules of the municipality, “he explained.

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