A new economic cooperation framework proposed by the United States will be one of the topics discussed at the Ninth Summit of the United States in June. Photo: Twitter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguin reported this Wednesday, May 18, 2022 that the next issue to be discussed Summit of America It is a new framework for economic cooperation. This is an offer America (United States) for which there is a “positive” vision South America.

The foreign minister announced in an interview on Radio Sussex that Telephone conversation Held yesterday by President Guillermo Lasso and his opponents Joe Biden Was “extremely positive.” It’s because they matched Agreement In the “most points” of the dialog.

Ninth Summit of America

They review the subject Security, Foreign trade, immigration And the American Summit. The ninth summit will be held June 2022, Los Angeles (California). It is the second largest city, with deep and strong ties to the hemisphere, according to the official US government site.

The authorities discussed the relevance of the summit After the epidemic And the Russo-Ukrainian War.

“The United States has introduced a new framework for economic cooperation that will be discussed at the US Summit. It has a fairly positive outlook for growth from the bottom up. In continental terms, that means looking south for economic growth,” Holguin highlighted.

There was another issue to be discussed with Biden and that was to be discussed at the summit Migration. In 2021, the foreign minister said, Ecuador is more registered 129,000 citizens In a situation of immigration risk at the border Mexico and the United States In view of this, the Ecuadorian government considers that the “best public policy” to prevent this migration is economic growth in the regions.

As SecuritySuch is the fight against Ecuador Drug trafficking “It must be complemented by the fight against (drug) use there (in the United States).”

The Chancellor mentioned that there is one Bilateral relationship “Positive” because the North American country sees Ecuador “as a relevant actor in the region.”

Management for the Summit

Its participation Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela At the summit Mexico One of the countries that will not participate In the back Excluded

Ecuador’s foreign minister has announced that “we are going to attend the summit in accordance with the provisions of the constitution on the right of homeowners to make invitations.” He said that together with his opponents they carry out diplomatic work so that maximum number of countries participate.

Holguin, on the other hand, described it as “a great gesture of the United States.” Its arrival First lady From that country Quito. Your arrival at the airport Marshall Sucre It is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18 at 6:00 p.m.


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