Omicron Sublineage BA.2.12.1, which was first detected in the United States. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO

The Identification From New variant And its sublineage Covid-19 That is a sign of the world Extreme It’s not over.

Its sublineage BA.2 Omicron, BA.2.12.1Which was first identified AmericaAlready present Quito Y. Ambato. The Universidad Institute of Microbiology in San Francisco de Quito has notified the Ministry of Health for this result.

Paul Cardenas, a professor and researcher at the institute, noted that this sublineage More contagious What? BA.1 Y. BA.2 So you should keep Epidemic surveillance And stay tuned for what will happen next week.

Infection in the United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assumes that this new subvariant is within a 23 and 27% more contagious Than its predecessors, BA.2 and in America., For example, in mid-April it represents one of five new cases.

This new breed is going to be in early May Influential On the 4th of that month in that country with 36.5% in all cases according to the CDC registry.

Cardinas mentions that the problem BA.2.12.1As well as BA.4 Y. BA.5These last two have not yet been identified in Ecuador, which means they are more contagious and also They fled Per Immunity By Vaccine Or Previous infections.

Experts say that one of the advantages of the country is with the hall Hello From Omicron Many people became infected, which has been linked to vaccinations Hybrid immunity So there is protection in a certain way.

However, and what causes concern, that is rarely a 35% Of Population That’s it Third DosageWhich triggers the level of antibody neutralization for immunity.

New wave of lawsuits?

Its data Ministry of Health Show later The beak For that reason Omicron variantThis January 2022, Health indicators Has been steadily declining.

Outbreaks have been reported since Epidemic Week 8, where 9,691 were registered, and in the 18th week they were 934. There was a slight increase in the 19th week: 1,077.

The Death The virus also showed a decline and moved from 253 in the fourth week (the highest number so far in 2022) to two in the 17th week.

Similarly, r Occupation In the care center Stays with Few patients In hospital beds and intensive care units on both public and private networks.

For Cardinas, this scenario is unlikely to change, at least immediately or in the medium term, however, within a few months, when Immunity is lowMany people can be re-infected and develop one Big wave.

Teacher and researcher Alberto Norvez noted that SummerHaving a time HolidaysThere are many trips AmericaWhere BA.2.12.1 has already been detected, which is a cause for concern.

In light of this scenario, the two experts emphasize that the epidemic is not over and Care system They must be maintained. Among them Use of mask In places with poor ventilation in addition to frequent hand washing.

They also remind you of the importance of completion Vaccination schedule With Booster dose.

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