The University of Guayaquil is back in attendance. This study center is the largest in the country. Photo: Courtesy of Guayaquil University

The University of GuayaquilEcuador returned to face-to-face classes on June 1, 2022, with the largest student population.

This education center is there 60,000 studentsDistributed in 17 faculties.

After living a The epidemic periodWhere we had to adapt to the new situation, we are meeting again today, “he said Paco MoranRector of the education center to welcome the students.

Voluntary return

With the easing of restrictions due to the epidemic, University of Guayaquil Respecting social distance began to return to the classroom progressive and voluntarily.

In February, 6,000 returned to classes in the faculties of medicine, dentistry, physical education, architecture and urbanism, chemical engineering and social communication.

“As rector, it’s an honor to be welcomed into your home, welcome to UG,” Moran added.

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