Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication La Plata National University (UNLP) has announced that the first non-binary degree will be awarded to a student Mail Randev GuterresWho has completed a master’s degree in social media and his diploma will recognize his identity “Professor”.

In an official statement from the university, they said: The first non-binary title It is a result of a concerted effort and a huge step towards achievement and equality that the faculty has been working on with great commitment. “

In addition, Guterres is credited with accomplishing this feat College application With the assistance of the Gender Secretariat of the Faculty.

Delphina Garcia Laroca, who runs the secretariat, confirmed: “It was also a fight we had for access to this work. LGBTIQ + joint Because there is a title that represents you Gender identity It sets you apart from others when it comes to finding a job where you are treated as you are, as you feel, and as your identity is respected. “

In a statement from the faculty, Guterres said: “Today I’m proud To be what I want to be, I feel empowered and these emotions that I try to spread go hand in hand with an achievement that is mine, but for all those who do not live in binary, ”says Gutierrez.

Similarly, Laroca assured that this achievement is related to the commitment to continue to formulate policies that do justice to job search and access. LGBTIQ + joint.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post TitleIt is hoped, however, that a ceremony will be held to commemorate the historical fact of gender equality in the country for its distribution.

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