Referential image. Cal’s body was wrapped in a sheet and quilt, giving it the shape of a suitcase. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office

Coronel (32) was found dead in Tania Call for more than five hours The trunk of the car Until Raphael, his brother-in-law and the alleged perpetrator of the murder, exposes himself by throwing him down a 200-meter ditch in the Quincan parish. Rikarte.

The first investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Crime Department against life, extortion and violent death (Dinosaur) And the testimony of one of Raphael’s companions, the owner of the car, reveals this.

There was a road Missing report From May 30. That morning, allegedly, he sent a message to his sister telling him that he had left the house, they were making lunch and he would be back in the afternoon.

He lived in his mother’s house Laying the fifth girl With her two sons. His brother-in-law, who lived in Canton of Ajua, Santa Isabel, arrived the night before and was at the home of his wife, the abused sister.

How the crime happened

According to Ajuya’s prosecutor, Leonardo Amoroso, he apparently waited for 13- and 15-year-old Cal’s children to go to school so he could Attack him with punches and hammers At the root. The prosecutor’s office has not yet released the motive for the killings.

Apparently, the man had planned the crime because he had killed his brother-in-law The body is washed And the scene is clear. I knew about these methods because I was studying veterinary medicine at a university.

He would call his partner who had a car to help him drop off some dog and cat remains, which he had sacrificed, to sell their skeletons to other students.

Cal’s body was wrapped in a sheet and quilt, giving it the shape of a suitcase. That bundle they had to keep TrunkBut first the young people went to the university to take the exam.

How was the location of the body?

The family began an active search Tania Street. Examining the room, the mother noticed red spots on her daughter’s bed, which made her suspect that something serious had happened. The Prosecution Sure it was human blood.

Neighbors reported that on the morning of May 30, they heard screams for help from the house, after which a red car was parked outside and they were identified. Family (Dulabhai, Shala).

When police identified the car, through video surveillance camera recordings, the owner was called to give his version and told everything about what he had done to his partner and where he had thrown the bundle.

Trying to hide the body

The next day – May 31 – Raphael returned to the site to try Bundle graveAt the foot of the creek, in a weedy place, but he kept it halfway.

Thus was – after the testimony of the partner – the authority of the prosecutor’s office and Dinajd They found the bodyThursday, May 2, 2022 in the afternoon. He was handcuffed and began to rot.

Prosecutor Amaroso said Car owner He was released because he presented evidence that he had nothing to do with the murder and was on a medical appointment at a public dispensary that morning.

The suspect is in custody

After the same hour on Thursday afternoon, June 2 Removal of corpsesThe accused criminal has been arrested. The hearing of the complaint is scheduled for this afternoon.

An autopsy will reveal the cause of death, while the family is devastated. Police searched the house of the accused’s father Hammer With whom the crime was allegedly committed.

Prosecutor Amoroso said it was open for investigation Murder of women There have been five such incidents so far this year, three of which occurred in Quenca.

According to the investigation, the #Famicide suspect called his partner and took him to the river. Https://

Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Sunday, May 8, 2022

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