Secretary of State for AmericaAnthony Blinken spoke to this Monday, May 2, 2022 ৷ Juan GuaidoWhom he reiterated that Conversation With the “rule” of the President, Nicolas Maduro They are the “best way to return to democracy” in Venezuela.

This was guided by one Release Sent by spokesperson for Department of StateNedPrice.

US Statement

“Secretary Blinken reiterated the US commitment to return to democracy and to negotiate between the Maduro regime and the Unitarian platform as the best way to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela,” the note said.

Also, he hinted Blinken Emphasis Guido “The importance of peaceful restoration of democracy and free and fair elections in Venezuela.”

The Venezuelan government and opposition have agreed Discussion table In Mexico in August 2021, but was postponed by the ruling party, as a sign of Protest against extradition Merchant Alex Sub.

Summit of America

United States, with almost 50 countries in Latin America and EuropeRecognized since 2019 Guido President Intermediate Venezuela.

Blinken’s call came that day Washington Cancels invitation Governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela Per Summit of America Will be held in June, Los Angeles (California).

“The regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and (Nicolas) Maduro do not respect the American Charter of Democracy and so I do not expect their presence,” said Brian Nichols, the U.S. Under-Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean.

For the moment, not Washington Sure If you invite Guido At the summit, organized by the second America After the original version Miami In 1994.

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