Technical Equipment Supply Ceremony donated by the United States. Photo: Twitter olPoliciaEcuador

The International Office Of Counter Narcotics Affairs Y. Consent Of Law Of America Delivered on Wednesday, June 1 (INL, for short). Government Of Ecuador Technical equipment and polygraphs that will contribute to the fight against Corruption And Strengthening Of The police.

This was announced by the Home Minister, Patrick CarrilloNote that he will be the High Command The police The first team who gave a test of confidence Polygraph donated by US.

Carillo admits to that pressure Criminal gang About Institution Of Security Y. Judgment Some members of the country have been tempted, so it needs to be improved Internal control Y. Strengthen The Transparency, Ethics and faith In that entity.

In addition, the Minister, in a statement reproduced by his office, that model The police are clean It would not have been possible without what has been done in the country International cooperationEspecially its US Embassy Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Police and government.

Tools donated by INL will be used mainly in PWorkers working in border areas And in coastal cities Guayaquil And others are considered “complex” because of the problem of insecurity.

For you Ori AbramswichThe director of INL highlighted the grant because it would “strengthen anti-corruption practices in policing and transform the organization by complying with the law (human talent).”

The United States will continue to support Ecuador In their efforts to fight international crime and corruption, he added.

Its donation US Embassy.America. The time has come when the Ecuadorian authorities have acknowledged The overflow of crime in the countryOne after another among the groups of prisoners competing for control of the prison has increased due to the crisis of the prison system affected by the genocide.

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