United Nations (The United Nations) Has expressed alarming warnings aboutIn the case of measles. Because in the first two months of 2022, about 17,338 cases were reported, compared to 9,665 registered in the same period in 2021.

There is a vaccine for this disease and it is very worrying because measles is one of them Diseases that can be fatal For children who have not been vaccinated.

As the United Nations has assured, the big panic is that epidemic covid-19 Its outbreak was followed by a storm Other diseases.

The cause of measles

According to the agency, there are three factors that have affected the phenomenon: changes caused by the epidemic, increased inequality in vaccine access and diversion of resources.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that “the expansion of resources commonly used for routine immunizations has left many children vulnerable to measles and other preventable diseases.”WHO) And UNICEF.

Another factor that could have an impact is the relaxation of the physical distance system in recent months and the humanitarian crisis in countries such as Ukraine, Ethiopia or Afghanistan.

In a little more detailed statistics, there are countries that report very worrying situations. In Nigeria, 12,341 cases have been identified; In Somalia, 9,068; Yemen, 3,629; In Afghanistan, 3,628, and in Ethiopia, 3,039. In most of them, vaccination rates are low (between 46% and 68%).

Another area of ​​concern is Ukraine. Before the war, it was the European country with the highest number of cases (115,000, of which 41 were fatal, between 2017 and 2019). Now the vaccination campaign has been disrupted due to the clashes.

Because of Kovid-19, the vaccine campaign has been crippled

The agency warned that 57 vaccines would be banned during the epidemic Infectious diseases In 43 countries, it affects 203 million people, many of them children.

Among these halted campaigns, 19 measles cases, which put 73 million children at risk of a disease with lethal potential, and which, in turn, weakened the immune system, could lead to serious infections due to pneumonia or diarrhea.

Case growth is a “very urgent” issue for the World Health Organization (WHO). What is the cause of the virus? Https://bit.ly/3ORXKZu

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