The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, is speaking while listening to the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkin, during a meeting at the United Nations on May 18, 2022. Photo: EFE

The United Nations, the United States and other countries They have requested This Wednesday 18 May for the convenience of Russia Export From Cereals in UkrainianThe Black Sea has been virtually crippled by a naval blockade to prevent further tensions Food crisis Suffering by most Poor Of The world.

“It is estimated that there are currently 22 million tons of grain in the silos of Ukraine which could help in immediate need if they can be taken out of the country,” the secretary explained. American stateAnthony Blinken, at the opening Ministerial level meeting On Food security Organized by your government at its headquarters United Nations.

Blinken asked Government Y. International organizations Come together for Tell me A Russia Creating sea or land “corridors” through which they can navigate Products From Ukraine.

The United Nations has warned since the beginning of the war Massive impact Of conflict Food securityGiven that Ukraine and Russia are the two main ones Producers of the world From Serial And its export depends on dozens of countries in particular Africa Y. Middle East.

The UN negotiates

Secretary-General of the Organization Antonio Guterres confirmed today that he is trying to reach out to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the United States, the European Union and other important countries. Agreement That allows both Exit From Cereals in Ukrainian Such as unimpeded sales Food Y. Russian fertilizer.

Guterres insisted that The current crisis If not fixed Restoration From Market Its production Food From UkraineAs well as Russian and Belarusian fertilizers, a staple product in most parts of the world Export There has also been a sharp decline from the beginning War.

“Russia has to give permission Export Of course Cereals Preserved in its port Ukraine. Alternative transport routes can be explored, even knowing it won’t be enough To pick The Problems. Must have access to Russian food and fertilizers International market Without indirect hindrance, “said the Portuguese diplomat.

Guterres did not want to be named Conversation Considering that any public statement can complicate the chances of success.

“War” on food security

The executive director used more force World program From Food Of the United Nations, David Beasley, who has condemned the reopening Ukrainian ports “It simply came to our notice then War Per World food security

“It is imperative to allow these ports to open. Not about this UkraineRemains the poorest Poor Of The world. We are on the brink of starvation, “Bisle shouted at the Russian president. Vladimir Putin.

“President Putin, if you have a heart, please Open The PortPlease make sure there is a passage so we can Feeding Most Poor And avoid Famine‚ÄúThis is the head of the UN body, which bought out Ukraine More than half used for wheat War The Hungry It is The world.

Despite repeated requests Appeal Per Reopened Port, a source Official The Frenchman assured in Paris today that it would take at least six months to achieve that, since Ukraine Digging its shores to avoid one Landing From Russian troops And Kremlin forces have destroyed many Infrastructure.

More help

Meanwhile, the United Nations has been called The international community To make them stronger AIDS Against him HungryA problem that is already growing and that War Inside Ukraine It just made it worse.

In this regard, Blinken announced today that the United States would provide an additional 250 250 million Food help From UrgentMore than 3 2.3 billion has been approved since its inception Russian invasionAnd believe that Congress Approve an item worth about ,500 5,500 million “soon” Humanitarian assistance Y. Security Food.

On the other hand, the United States and its allies have insisted that Restrictions have been imposed A Russia Do not attack in any way Sale From Food And Russian fertilizer. “Do not read for the Russian misleading propaganda. There is no punishment against Export From Cereals Or of Fertilizer“The German Foreign Minister, Analena Bairbach, has stressed.

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