Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio GuterresThis was claimed on April 3, 2022 Independent investigation That leads to liability for the accused Civilian genocide By its soldiers Russia Buchate (Ukraine)

Guterres said in a brief statement to the media through his spokesman that he was “deeply shocked” by the images of civilians killed in the northwestern city. KievAdding to the concerns of the international community.

“It is imperative that an independent investigation lead to effective accountability,” added the Portuguese diplomat, who, however, avoided qualifying. War crimes After the discovery of hundreds of bodies of civilians who appear to have been killed in brief.

According to the Ukrainian government and media reports, the bodies of the dead were dressed in civilian clothes and many of them Handcuffed And they seem to have been Executed From a headshot.

Booker Street scattering corpses has created panic Europe And they have been condemned by European leaders, who have called for an investigation into Russia’s possible war crimes commission, which has denied the allegations.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office has put the number of civilian bodies recovered so far in the northern suburbs of Kiev at 410 after the withdrawal of Russian troops on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine. Dimitro KulebaRequested International Criminal Court The CPI (M) is documenting the atrocities and sending an investigative mission to bring them to justice.

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