President of Ecuador, William LassoTravel this Saturday, May 7, 2022 Israel With three main purposes: Greater Collaboration In the area SecurityAttraction Investment Big projects and education in the country from Israel Technical model That country needs new development Engine Developmental

Which will be the first On an official visit A president of Ecuador wants to improve relations with the Jewish state Bilateral This area was included by Lasso Last year on the list of Lasso Country of choice For the principle of “more Ecuador in the world and more world in Ecuador”.

“The basic agenda is security. (Israelis) have been supporting us and we need more security assistance, “Lasso said in a statement on Tuesday. Horse riding. The tour was originally scheduled for January, but was postponed for some reason Emergence From Covid-19 At the beginning of the year

It will focus on interest Collaboration Facing growing in terms of security Crime On the street and Prison From Ecuador, which is evident from the infiltration of drug trafficking since 2020, according to authorities.

You will visit with that goal in mind Business Of the sector DefendingAttend a ‘roadshow’ of security agencies and meet with them Israeli President Itzak HerzogAnd Prime Minister Naftali BennettAmong other official meetings.

Lasso’s trip wants to repeat the relationship

After this crisis Bilateral relations Between 2010 and 2017, the years in which the former president Rafael Correa Accustomed To criticize A Israel For every his policy PalestiniansBoth countries started a Harmony Presided over by his successor, Lenin Moreno. The former president visited Israel in 2011 Vice President.

Moreno received Israeli security assistance Training From Forces From Ecuadorian elite In Israel. With this he was able to fight Hacker Who attacked Ecuador serverAfter finishing its shelter Julian Assange Upstairs Embassy Ecuadorian in London in 2019.

This aspect was his who played a fundamental role Defense Minister Oswaldo JarinIsrael, a country that remembers Ecuador’s support for the partition of Palestine, votes Assembly General Off United Nations In 1947.

Lasso’s unprecedented visit now attests to Milon.

Trade and investment with Israel

Commercial and, above all, financial aspects also focus on expectations. For the Secretary of Public-Private Partnership, Roberto SalasLasso’s trip is a “great opportunity”, and “the main purpose will be to strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two”.

“They are different countries Stories Y. PowerBut at the same time, Ecuador offers great opportunities to promote cooperation in a sector with a lot of cooperation, but which requires the support of other countries’ private sectors, “Salas highlighted.

He will travel to Israel with Lasso Salas and his ministers Production, Julio Jose Prado; Y. Foreigner, Juan Carlos Holguin; Who will meet Merchant Prominent Israeli companies say they will try to place bets on Ecuador.

Ecuador’s foreign minister has advanced his intentions to be able to sign a letter of intent for talks with Israel next week. FTA.

The President’s delegation will also give a traditional presentation Ecuador Open for Business ForumA Catalog That contains variety Project Which is infrastructure and Renewable energy.
Relevant sectors that Ecuador identifies with Israel include health and information technology.


The third corner of the tour is innovation, given that Ecuador has announced an opening Commercial office And technology in Jerusalem, which will be unveiled at an event scheduled for Thursday Hebrew University Of that city

“It’s about improving entrepreneurial culture and innovative ecosystems and providing Israel with learning and skills,” Salas stressed.

Fifty of them Entrepreneurs Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI) and its delegation Ecuador-Israeli Chamber for Innovation and Commerce (Cicei) Lasso will be the companion.

The president of the latter, Kurt Freund, believes that Lasso wants to “promote” entrepreneurship and technology. Productive matrix Ecuador, and sees the opportunity for “Israeli companies to come and settle in Ecuador.”

The president will close his official agenda by visiting the Startup Nation Center on Thursday Tel AvivWhere you can learn about the process Transformation An economy with a gross domestic product of about ,000 6,000 in 30 years (GDP) About USD 43,000 per head.

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