After being discharged on May 24, Louis called the doctor several times to complain about his pain and asked for some treatment for his pain. Photo: EFE

Police announced this Thursday, June 2, that the man broke into a clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Wednesday, June 1. He killed four people before committing suicideWanted to kill one of the victims, a The doctor who operated on him Recently, he was suffering from pain after surgical intervention.

Its boss Department Of The police Of TulsaWendell Franklin, identified killer at a news conference, Michael LouisAnd his victims: two doctors, one of whom had treated him in the past, Preston Phillips, a clinic receptionist and a patient.

Franklin said that after taking his own life, agents found the suspect carrying a letter “where he made it clear that he had accompanied him. Intended to kill Dr. Phillips and anyone who crossed his path

“He blamed Dr. Phillips for his continued pain after a surgical operation,” the police chief said in detail on his back, May 19.

After being discharged on May 24, Louis called the doctor several times Complain about your pain And has been asked to provide some treatment for it.

According to police, on May 31, the doctor consulted with the suspect, and on the same day of the shooting, Louis called the doctor’s office again “to report back pain and for extra care.”

Franklin added that Louis ‘wife had called police an hour and a half after the attack to say that “her husband had killed several people in Dr. Phillips’ office.”

“The suspect’s wife called the office and provided information to police,” Franklin said. We do not currently know what he is going to do, but we do have information He contacted her before or during the shooting to let her know what he had done

On the other hand, Franklin revealed that the alleged aggressor before the attack Legally bought two firearms: An AR-15 type semi-automatic rifle, which he bought on the day of the shooting, and a 4.0-caliber semi-automatic firearm, which he bought on May 29.

Debate over Firearms control It was reactivated in the United States after an 18-year-old boy shot and killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalade, Texas on May 24.

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