‘Doctor Who’ is a series that has been airing for 60 years. Photo: Europe Press

There has been a lot of controversy over the selection of British actress Yasmin Finney Roses Its new stage The oldest series That story is still relevant, 60 years after its debut: Dr. Hu.

And it is for many Fans In the series, Rose has only one face: that Billy Piper. It was recently revealed that Enkuti Gatoya will be performing for the 14th time for this new stage Doctor.

Published by Espinf, Russell T., the famous shorner of the series. Davis commented: “Life in Doctor Who became Shiny Y. Wild, How can there be another rose? You’ll find it in 2023, but it’s a pleasure to welcome Yasmin to Dr. Hu’s set. “

Yasmin Finney will be appearing in the series ‘Doctor Who’. Photo: Instagram @yazdemand

Yamin Finkey is made Famous To be one Personality Tick ​​Tock has described her as one of the side of his life through his videos Transgender teenager. He recently starred in ‘Heartstopper’, the most watched British production Netflix Last week


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