Nine young children tell us about the country they want to live in in the future.

Nine is small -Of different ages- share their dreams with us; Everyone aspires for Ecuador to have more laboratories to manufacture medicines and integrated tourism sites to attract national and international tourists. But they are also needed More security Walking along a boardwalk without fear of being attacked by criminals. The streets of the city are full of them.

Request Education unit With teachers with good infrastructure and up-to-date knowledge. They also claim cultural space; They want to read, listen to music, enjoy the theater. In fact, they are not interested in being tied to a cell phone. It is ultimately the resource that adults use to entertain themselves and immerse them in a world that is often empty.

In it Shortage They are aware of the power of politicians. They can make their dreams come true, but as ‘Nicolalde Fonseca in July’ says, “everyone lies”. They are also aware of that. They feel it in bad condition on the road through which they have to commute every day to get there and back School And lack of materials to work in the classroom. There are some little ones who have never set foot in one Classroom.

In an age destined for happiness, how can they help the poor who work on the streets in the face of adverse weather? Little Emilio has already set up a business; The ‘king’ of ice cream.

I want him Business Grow up like a foam to hire the parents of a family who walk down the street with bags or ice cream while holding their kids on their backs.

It’s time to dump her and move on.

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