The judiciary will verify whether the presidents of the provincial courts were licensed to conduct activities outside of their responsibilities, through a press conference issued in support of Ivan Sakisela. Photo: Guass Provincial Court Twitter

The Judicial Council This confirmed on May 22, 2022 that it would verify that the presidents of the country’s provincial courts, who were present Quito On May 20, they had permission for matters unrelated to their charges. That day, court authorities issued a statement in support of Evan Sakisela after a 90-day stay.

The judiciary, as the sole body of government, administration, judicial oversight and discipline, will verify that they have enjoyed License Duly valid to carry out activities other than their location.

The organization, chaired by Fausto Murillo, specified that General management It is responsible for the direction and supervision of the human resources administration of the Judicial Branch.

In this sense, he asked the provincial directorate of the judiciary to “inform if mentioned.” Judicial staff They had permission to operate outside of their responsibilities and in other cities. ”

Entity Article 128, Number 6 supports this measure Biological code of judicial workWhich determines that “judges are prohibited from engaging in activities that lead to disruption or reduction in the public service of the administration of justice.”

The position of the heads of the provincial courts

On the morning of May 20, the presidents attended an event at the Hotel Dan Carlton in Quito. It was a course sponsored by the office United Nations Against drugs and crime.

There they proposed a press conference in support of the President and the plenary of the National Court of Justice.NCJ)

They read out a statement approving that “as a guarantor of Ecuadorian rights, but above all as a citizen, we will not recognize a person who wants to work.” President or President It was not selected from the list sent by the President of the CNJ in accordance with the requirements of the Judicial Council and the Constitution and the law. ”

“They came to a course, not to broadcast a press conference In the back. Let them dedicate themselves to the administration of justice! ” Juan Jose Morillo, a member of the judiciary, said on Friday afternoon.

Provincial courts of justice Guas Confirmed that its owner, Fabiola Gallardo, attended the course on May 19 and 20, from 08:30 to 16:00.

There were “several breaks in his day, Press conference The break was called for Friday at 9:30 p.m. ”

However, the conference “did not interfere with the content or timing of the workshop,” they assured Court of Guass.

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