The The Taliban This order is Saturday, May 7, 2022 To use Of Burqa In a public place for all women and girls in Afghanistan. A move that adds to the long list of sanctions against Afghan women since radicals took control of the country in mid-August.

“Despite the fact that 99% of Afghan women are already wearing hijab, the rest should wear it and there is no excuse for them,” the almighty Ministry of Virtue and Prevention of Vice reported in a public order.

The document mentions that Hijab They refer to clothing that covers the whole body and in this case “the burqa is the best version of it.”

Women who do not comply will be fired

The new order states that “women who work in relevant departments with the Islamic Emirate and do not wear the hijab will have Goodbye Their work. “Such as” If the daughter or wife of a government employee / official does not wear hijab “will also be suspended.

If Afghan women do not follow this rule, the security forces will first inform the male guardian or member of the household. And if they fail to comply, he will be called to testify, “may be detained for three days” and may be “handed over to the court for his punishment” as a last resort, the statement warned.

Afghan social activist Yalda Parwani told IFE that one of the ways in which fundamentalists are forcing women to do this is to “tell their fighters that they are building an Islamic government in Afghanistan as they promised during the last 20 years of war.”

“Hijab is our happiness and pride as Muslim women, but the Taliban government forces us to wear their specific dress code,” she said.

The Taliban undermine women’s rights

Since the Taliban came to power in mid-August, women have seen their rights diminished. Adolescents are now banned from going to school, sexually segregated in public places, or traveling without a veil, and being accompanied by a male relative on long journeys.

The fundamentalists pledged to respect the rights of Afghan women in order to gain international recognition. But the reality is that the number of women living in the country is increasingly similar to that of the first Taliban regime in 1996 and 2001. When they were confined to their home without the possibility of studying or working.

Behind many of these regulations against women is the powerful Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The organization was first established during the Taliban regime and died shortly after the US invasion, leaving a bad memory for Afghans for the next 20 years.

As soon as the Taliban returned to power on August 15, the organization returned, correctly, to establish itself in the now defunct women’s ministry.

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