About 20 people took part in the tour at the City Museum. Photo: Ivonne Mantilla / EL COMERCIO

450 years have passed since then Quito Was founded on San Juan de Davis Hospital. Works on this site today City Museum.

Its corridors and rooms still preserve ancient medical practices. And to remember Bicentennial A was made Route So that the participants can know the history of care and healing practices of the injured and the victims through stories and legends. War of Independence.

This Sunday, May 22, 2022, about 20 people were present at the City Museum at 11:00. They take the opportunity to travel with family and friends on the second day of the holiday.

In the first room, participants listened intently to the story of Ixcal Messias, the museum’s educational mediator. This first account explains how San Juan de Davis Hospital works, Attention Those who have received Sick And above all Soldiers Who participated Battle of Pichincha.

It was a wonder for the audience to know that Barber At that time they extracted teeth, there was no dentist at that time.

They were given the ability to perform minor stitches, such as cataract removal. Mesias noted that most of the procedures performed at the hospital were knife removal, due to the fact that they remain stable. Collision.

For Nurse, Mentioned that they were the charitable daughters of St. Vincent de Paul who were in charge of making the medicine. They came from France to Guayaquil and Quito via Ecuador, San Juan de Dios was the first place where they worked.

This hospital is the place where Nayak used to learn and practice medicine. Eugene MirrorAnd it was the capital’s first health house, where Abdon Calderon died.

The guide mentions it Abdon Calderon Not dead, repeated during some ‘historical’ texts WarBut he died fifteen days after the war, which sealed the country’s independence with multiple injuries and severe diarrhea, Mesias reported.

Maria Cordova, 10, rarely understands what the guides on the tour explained, however, she took pictures of every painting, object or entertainment displayed along the way with the help of her mother Estephania Alarcon’s cell phone. Suddenly his gaze is fixed on the painting where the patients are piled on different stretchers.

Cordoba explains that to help Soldiers That results Injured During the war, they had to improve with ponchos and sticks to assemble stretchers and thus were taken to San Juan de Dios Hospital.

The Route Includes an inspection Carmen Alto MuseumIn this place participants learned how the Carmelite sisters acted as intermediaries during the work of independence.

According to the guide’s description, a few days before the battle of Pichinchara, d Marshal Antonio Jos de Sucre Sent a letter to the church Carmelite sisters Go with them during the revolution with their prayers so that the spirituality of the soldiers is strengthened.

Mariana Carcelen, known as the wife of Antonio Jose de Sucre Solander Martiances, Told her aunt, a nun of the Carmelite church, to join in prayer and ask before God and the Virgin that her husband had won the battle. It was this devotion that led them to victory on May 24, 1822.

To learn more about this story, Monday will be May 23rd Two tours. At 11:00 and 15:00, each group has a capacity of 25 people. The Entry This is it Free.


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