The President Council of Judiciary, Faust MurilloThis Monday, April 11, 2022 said that even his organization has received the request Direction Province St. Helen To withdraw the request Suspension Against the judge Diego Moscow.

The versatile judge of Moscoso Tall mangroves Which was granted on 9 April Habeas Corpus to former Vice President George Glass after the sixth request of the appeal.

“We have already received a request to withdraw that request because, by mistake, they sent it without motivation and support. (…) We did not know that a habeas corpus action would be taken against that judge in the future. The Advice Of Judiciary He had no idea what the problem was, “said Murillo in an interview with Telemazonas.

A memorandum was sent to the judiciary on March 26, requesting To warn For the dismissal of the judge.

The document states that the purpose is to “prevent the potential activities performed by the Summary Officer from interfering with its normal development.” Punitive fileIts up to those who intercept judicial staff DepartmentSubmit the requested information and / or show them to render free and voluntary versions. ”

Murillo said the request “does not specify any breach or implication.”

After receiving the document on that date, Murillo referred it to the General and Legal Directorate so that they could prepare one. Report. The official explained that the suspension only applies when there is a commission Violation Too deadly

“A summary of the violations that began in Santa Elena is for not attending the hearing. This is a serious breach, not too serious, “he added.

In addition, it indicates that the request for suspension was not sent by the Director but by the Ad Hoc Secretary of the Provincial Coordination of Discipline Control in Santa Elena.

Handcuffed judiciary

“Yes, it binds our hands,” Murillo admits. Constitutional Court (CC), issued last January.

The ruling was declared unconstitutional by the Judiciary Council. Risk management Without one Previous complaint.

The speed at which Glass was given the habeas corpus and his speedy release from the Cotopaxi prison “indicates the need to amend the rules to establish other rules to deal with this abuse.” “If we have complaints and announcements, we will act,” Murillo said of the former vice president’s case, which has two final sentences.

The official clarified that the biological law of judicial guarantee establishes that every first level judge is eligible for hearing. Jurisdictional guaranteeBut to know the habeas corpus Judge Must be from In the same place Where Lonely.

Depends Power Of JudgeDistinguish between what you have and what you don’t CompetitionSaid the president of the judiciary.

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