The Bank Superintendent Condemnation in (SB) ProsecutionFinancial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE) and Judicial police Irregular fundraising activities Rebirth group.

In a statement issued this Saturday, April 16, 2022 on the Twitter account, Super D Bank Warning about unauthorized activity Rebirth groupThe leaders will be named ‘Don Marquito’ and aka ‘Don Dieguito’.

Grupo Renacer is one of eight companies identified by bank superintendents this year. “Companies are not allowed to operate in the country“DIA, Decentralized Investors Association (formerly IX Inversors), CredyUnión, Fortunario Activos Digitales Cía. Ltda., Sapphire-Group Cia Ltda., Clicktrades, Créditos Litoral, UA Works and Grupo Renacer.

Super de Bancos made it clear that Sapphire-group Cia Ltda. Approved by the Superintendent of Companies, Securities and Insurance in the corporate sector.

SB has filed a complaint against Grupo Renaissance after a video was spread on social networks Illegal fundraising.

As seen in a video, two people are talking inside a car. One of the people, wearing a uniform The policeThanks to the driver for giving him 10,000 USD which is a profit product offered by a fundraiser called Grupo Renaissance.

In another video, the same man in a police uniform thanked Don Marquito and Don Dieguito for “investing” money. Interest.

Allegedly the company works Lots of moneyA pyramid structure led by the late Miguel Angel Nazareno, aka ‘Don Naja’, who was found dead in Paris on April 14, 2022. AmaguanaSoutheast of Quito.

In June 2021, ‘Don Naja’ was able to invest financial resources in the hope of earning 90% interest in a short period of time by blowing up the fraud allegations of more than 5,000 people.

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