The Bank Superintendent (SB) Describes the work performed around the company “IX Investors”Not allowed to engage in financial activities.

Loja cautioned the communications media, where supposed investors attracted more people Settlement And the cessation of its activities.

Investor leaders have given this information to the media Announced the decision Through a zoom meeting on March 28, 2022. “Unfortunately, what was expected did not materialize. The decision has been made that the project is going to be liquidated, “said Alexander Hernandez, co-founder of the platform.

Delegates at the meeting “IX Investors” He said that they will give an indication of this process in the coming days Refunds Those who did not get their return Investment

Complaint from Bank Superintendent

In this regard, r Bank Superintendent He gave this information on Tuesday, March 29 Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (UAFE).

In addition, it has created a financial tendency to continue the relevant investigation process. Entity condemns the company, before Ecuador’s Attorney General (FGE)Last January 16 for illegal money collection.

Before that, r SB The firm has issued two warnings about the operation. In January, it was warned that it was not authorized to conduct financial activities. In February, he announced the name change A day for IX investors.

“IX Investors” Offer an interest 1.15% per day. Thus, if someone invests USD 100, after 200 days they can get USD 300.

The SB He urged the citizens in general to act with caution and stay informed through official channels to avoid falling prey to scammers and criminals.

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