Referential image. A study by World Vision Ecuador found about 30 issues of violence against children and adolescents. Photo: Pixabay.

Ecuador’s children and adolescents face up to 30, World Vision Ecuador reports The problem of violence. That’s why the campaign Find outWhich seeks to visualize and raise awareness of the situations of violence facing this sector of the population.

This initiative has been taken on the basis of research The current situation of protection of children and adolescents against violence Inside Ecuador. 642 children and adolescents from eight provinces of the country participated in it.

Some of the studies have identified The most recurring problemDespite geographical and cultural differences. There are in them SexualityThe Violence Psychological and verbal ReproductionViolation Sexual rights. They include its cost Alcohol Y. Of drugs In and between adults TeenagerIts effect Domestic violence, Environmental pollution and road insecurity. In addition, those who mention the same problem in dynamic conditions, but added Xenophobia.

Maria Alexandra AlmeidaNational Coordinator of Advocacy and Security World Vision EcuadorOne of the issues identified as a priority is Maximo, which is associated with other forms of violence. “The identified situation shows that Men They have been given a place of superiority over women. ”

Also Harassment, abuse Y. Sexual violence Present in all provinces, especially those I saw, He indicated. In Coast There are other problems like this Primary Union Y. Child marriage dAnd girls and adolescents with adult males. Absence of sex education also prevails.

Action required

As part of the study approach, this was also considered Opinions of mothers and fathers Of the family, who To recognize That Situation Open violence can be changed. World Vision Ecuador said they were aware of their responsibilities, so they suggested a change and promised to change attitudes at home.

Stephen LassoA representative of Ecuador’s World Vision says one of the main findings of the study is that The security system is clearly not working. This is due to structural defects that prevent it from working. Added to this is the lack of support for local governments, the lack of specialized staff and the lack of technical assistance.

Through its research, World Vision Ecuador presents several Recommendations To mitigate different types of effects Violence against children and adolescents In the country. They offer promotion, training and counseling to families dealing with violence, as well as a Comprehensive national plan Including training and technical assistance to improve security.

The organization also recommends empowering children and adolescents Sex education. The importance of training girls and adolescents is also emphasized, acting to promote and promote their abilities Gender equality.

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