Fighting again Guakil Education Unit. Doors reopened for this Friday, May 6, 2022, two years later Open 2022-2023 school year during the Costa-Galapagos regime.

The Minister of Education, Maria Brown, has visited Lounge Y. Dialogue Boys who wore masks in addition to traditional uniforms. In the first stage They came back Its students High school; The return is suspended.

Vanessa Varas reunited with her colleagues. The The end I was 12 years old when they saw each other and they started this Friday High school With new teachers. Michelle was in the halls Nervousness, Stimulation And don’t forget to measure Biosecurity. There were no more than 20 students in parallel.

Other large installations in Guayaquil were also hastily revived, e.g. Simon Bolivar Technical College. Dozens of guardians Accumulated At the entrance to say goodbye to their children on a day that will only be short for today; The dismissal bell will ring at 11:00.

Class starts

Costa is in power 7,569 campuses Visitors welcome that 1,997,954 students. This is 83% of the total children enrolled in the national education system. In total they are registered 9,426 campusesIncluding private, municipal and fisheries.

In his inaugural address, Brown assured that they have Investment USD 160 million for this year Feeding School, Uniform, Furniture And Infrastructure.

The eighth, ninth and tenth year boys as well as the first class group will be integrated from Monday 9th May. The return to the classroom will be completed on Tuesday with the students of secondary school (fifth, sixth and seventh year) and primary (second, third and fourth year).

For something Institution The return was early. According to a memorandum from Ministry of Education, School activities may begin up to 15 days prior to the date established with prior approval. Classes between individuals, fisheries and municipalities have started on a total of 112 campuses.

Biosafety stays with the classroom

The Sanitary system They are part of the school day. The protocol has at least five points and the two most relevant are related to the use of masks.

Deputy Minister of Education Andres Chiriboga explained that such as in the open Patio, garden and court Ventilated sports shoes, the mask can be set aside without symptoms of shortness of breath.

In closed places, e.g. Classroom Is In areas with limited ventilationIt is advisable to keep it Use Of Mask. It is advisable to wear it on school transport. However, Chiriboga said student representatives would decide to apply the measure “according to their regional realities”.

Sylvia Flores is a mother of two Students Those who have been told not to leave the mask. “We have weak relatives in the house and we must take care of them.”

Yes there Symptoms In the case of respiratory diseases, students should not attend class until the condition has disappeared or the diagnostic test has infected the Covid-19. If the teaching staff shows symptoms, they should go to a health center, follow the instructions or take a test.

Other measures include hand washing, use of alcohol gel, installation of preventive signboards and application of social distance to small and poorly ventilated areas.

This is the second week that the government has announced that the use of masks is no longer mandatory in the country due to the reduction in the incidence of Covid-19. Yesterday, the health minister, Jimena Garzon, assured that the indicators continue to decline.

From 1,120 confirmed cases in the country to 1,004. And in government hospitals, out of 83 separate ICU beds for coronavirus patients, only six were occupied; Out of the total 563 hospital admissions, there are 13 beds.

Classes at another pace for the school under repair

Schedules will be compiled for public school students under repair. Some days of the week they will get virtual classes and others will go to the nearest school, where they will be accommodated at the end of the day.

It is an ancillary plan for the 344 Costa Rican organizations that will carry out maintenance work due to damage caused by the abandonment of the critical phase of the epidemic. The government will invest .1 14.1 million in these measures.

Of these, 30 institutions will get priority due to further deterioration. The amount of work is USD 1.9 million.

Minister Brown said the timing of project implementation is variable. In some cases it takes up to two months and in others, with larger issues, the term will be extended to 13 months.

The budget for the comprehensive school infrastructure plan will be USD 650 million due to a 21% increase in the amount allocated for education. For this year alone, it is planned to allocate USD 150 million for corrective and preventive maintenance and new work.

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