Max Mendoza, President of the Bolivian University Confederation. Photo: Facebook: Bolivian University Confederation

President of the University Confederation of Bolivia (CUB), Max MendozaHis position was criminally condemned for turning it into “a business” since he is ৷ 33 years Studying careers at various free universities without graduating.

Reported by the Government MLA Hector Maple At a press conference, Mendoza was the current L.A.Bolivian student leader; He is 52 years old and has been receiving state benefits at a public education institute since 1989.

As Ars explained, the officer first studied business administration and then went on to study law, Career where he has been for 25 yearsConsidering that the time required to complete it in Bolivia is 5 years.

In addition, it was established that Mendoza Failed on more than 200 subjects Throughout the journey of this university, of which 100 have been registered with a score of zero points, i.e. their participation has been canceled.

It is believed that the officer took the opportunity Student valueSince the state in Bolivia gives financial incentives to public university institutions.

What I didn’t know was that Mendoza was one of the first to receive such help Salary 21,860 Bolivian (USD 3,172) “Being a university leader is a business, why study (and graduate) if it has so many benefits?” Ars says.

Now the CU leader will have to face trial for the crime Illegal prosperityAdvantages due to location, unethical behavior and embezzlement.

In addition, according to local media reports, they will More leaders are doing the same thing Than Mendoza, who did not speak publicly to respond to the allegations.

When the matter of the case became known, he was trampled

On May 9, a student rally was held at Tomás Frías de Potosí University in southwestern Bolivia, where the Mendoza case was revealed, but the event was interrupted by an incident that caused fear among participants.

In the middle of the meeting, Some people in the mandapa threw tear gas grenadesSo the attendees rushed to the departure and the event ended in tragedy.

According to figures provided by Interior Minister Eduardo Castillo, 60 people were injured, six of them in critical condition and, unfortunately, four students lost their lives.

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