Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Miduvi) And Chinese Embassy This Monday, April 11, 2022, signed an agreement to carry out the execution Homes in Esmeraldas and Manabí. Families affected by the 2016 earthquake will benefit.

The law has been framed within the framework of the President’s second visit William Lasso And its retina in the province Emerald. The first was when March 28th Verification of the effects caused by earthquakes Last March 26 in Green Province.

With the signing of the agreement, Construction of 2 932 Homes in Esmeraldas and Manabí, with a The investment is close to 60 million US dollars. A total of 1,732 houses will be constructed Flint1 100 inches Muisne And 100 inches Canoe.

“The houses were supposed to be built in 2016 or at most 2017. They didn’t because government officials and Moreno were worried about their pocket lines,” Lasso questioned.

March 2022 Earthquake Report

Lasso also received on this occasion Report Progress by Esmeraldas March earthquakeBy the Ministry of Risk Management Services, Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP).

Christian Torres, director of risk management, said to date 1,242 affected families and 1,420 affected families.

The list of affected families is in the hands of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (Crops) Analyze and provide in each case Sudden bonus USD 257 per disaster.

Medvedev Minister Dario Herrera said the assessment of homes damaged in last March’s earthquake was 95%.

5,150 livable, 1,968 partially damaged subject to reconstruction and 654 houses severely damaged. From the end of this week, the measurement of the fatal damage will begin.

To this day I know Evaluation 91 houses, 15 kits and 42 house repair certificates have been distributed. Material and labor suppliers will be local.

MIES chief Esteban Bernal has indicated that they are 510 food and clothing kits have been distributed. The promise is that humanitarian aid will be maintained for two months, he assured.

The ministry has delivered 605 contingent bonds. Beneficiaries will be able to access the bonus through any Esmeraldas financial institution starting today. The method is to communicate according to the last number of the ID.

This April 11 and April 21, those whose identities end at No. 1 will be able to access the bonus. Those who have number 2 will be able to do it tomorrow and on the 22nd of this month Soon.

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